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All abstracts by Galen P. Halverson in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2015) Elevated Fe-Isotopes Reflect Wedge Oxidation Driven by Sediment Subduction?
Foden J, Sossi P & Halverson G

(2015) Redox Conditions in the Latest Mesoproterozoic
Cole D, Hodgskiss M, Gueguen B, Kunzmann M, Crockford P, Gibson T, Worndle S, Halverson G & Planavsky N

(2015) Carbonate I/[Ca+Mg] Records of Paleo-Redox Conditions during the Bitter Springs Carbon Isotope Anomaly
Lu Z, Wörndle S, Zhou X & Halverson G

(2014) Extreme Environmental Changes Accompanying the Marinoan Deglaciation: Multiple O and S Isotope Evidence from NW Canada
Crockford PW, Cowie BR, Bui TH, Pellerin A, Sugiyama I, Hayles J, Hoffman PF, Macdonald FA, Halverson GP, Johnston DT & Wing BA

(2014) Application of the I/[Ca+Mg] Proxy to Interpreting Early Neoproterozoic δ13C Anomalies
Wörndle S, Lu Z, Halverson G & Kunzmann M

(2013) A Multi-Proxy Record from a Late Neoproterozoic Volcano-Sedimentary Basin, Eastern Arabian Shield
Halverson G, Cox G, Hubert-Théou L, Schmitz M, Hagadorn J, Johnson P, Sansjofre P & Kunzmann M

(2013) Global Variation in Fe-Isotopic Composition of Arc Basalts Indicate a Variably Oxidised and Metasomatised Mantle Wedge Source?
Foden J, Sossi P & Halverson G

(2013) Coupled Climate-Geochemical Modeling of the Connections between Break-Up of Rodinia, Weathering of Continental Flood Basalts, Snowball Glaciations and the Strontium Cycle
Hubert-Théou L, Cox GC, Le Hir G, Goddéris Y, Donnadieu Y, Halverson GP, Poirier A & Nelson L

(2013) Volcanic Degassing of the Gunbarrel Large Igneous Province and its Environmental Repercussions
Cox G, Halverson G, Hurtgen M, Poirier A, Theou-Hubert L & Wing B

(2012) An Early Neoproterozoic Dynamic Sulphur Cycle: Evidence from the Shaler Supergroup
Prince J, Wing B, Rainbird R & Halverson G

(2012) Fe-Isotopes of Arc Basalts Indicate a Variably Oxidised Mantle Source?
Foden J, Sossi P & Halverson G

(2012) The Ediacarian Nitrogen Isotope Conundrum
Ader M, Sansjofre P, Halverson G & Trindade R

(2012) Zn Isotope Composition of Paleoproterozoic Carbonates, Banded Iron Formation and Manganese Formation
Kunzmann M, Sossi PA, Halverson GP & Gutzmer J

(2012) Geochemistry of Cryogenian Ironstones – The Link to N-Morb and its Implications
Cox G, Halverson G, Minarik W, Stevenson R, Le Heron D, Macdonald F, Strauss J, Sossi P & Bellefroid E

(2012) Timing the Evolution of Seawater Chemistry during the Neoproterozoic: Case Study of the Svalbard Succession
Bonnand P, Parkinson I, Fairchild I, McMillan E, Condon D & Halverson G

(2012) An Early Ediacaran Cap Carbonate Sequence in East Central Brazil
Caxito F, Halverson G, Stevenson R & Uhlein A

(2011) Fe Isotopes and the Contrasting Petrogenesis of A-, I- and S-Type Granite
Foden J, Sossi P & Halverson G

(2011) The Role of Sulfur in Triggering Early Neoproterozoic Oxygenation
Hurtgen M, Swanson-Hysell N, Halverson G & Maloof A

(2010) Understanding Ediacaran Environmental Change
Johnston DT, Macdonald FA, Poulton SW, Gill BC, Petach T, Halverson GP, Schrag DP & Knoll AH

(2008) A Neoproterozoic Oxidation Event?
Halverson G & Hurtgen M

(2002) Detailed Geochemical Data Before and after Snowball (Ghaub) Glaciation in Namibia
Halverson GP, Schrag D & Hoffman P

(2002) Significance of Sea-Floor Barite Cements in Marinoan-Age Post-Glacial Cap Carbonates
Hoffman PF, Van Dusen A, Halverson GP, Saenz J, Kaufman AJ & Schrag DP

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