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All abstracts by Robert Hall in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Carbonate Assimilation by Sunda Arc Magma at Sumbing Volcano, Central Java, Indonesia
Macpherson C, Dempsey S, Nowell G, Ottley C, Thirlwall M & Hall R

(2017) Rapid but Stepwise Exhumation of a Miocene UHT Migmatite Complex by Slab Rollback in Eastern Indonesia
Pownall J, Armstrong R, Forster M & Hall R

(2013) Disequilibrium Melting Recorded in Isotopic and Trace Element Compositions of a Pulsed Granitoid, Mt Kinabalu, Borneo
Burton-Johnson A, Macpherson C, Hall R & Nowell G

(2013) Effects of Carbonate Assimilation on Magma from Sumbing Volcano, Central Java, Indonesia and Implications for Merapi
Dempsey S, Macpherson C, Hall R & Davidson J

(2011) Geochemistry and Tectonic Setting of Una-Una Volcano, Sulawesi, Indonesia
Broom-Fendley S, Thirlwall M, Cottam M & Hall R

(2009) Subduction Zone Magmatism Without a Slab-Derived Flux: High-Nb Basalts from Sabah (Borneo)
Macpherson C, Chiang KK, Hall R, Nowell G, Castillo P & Thirlwall M

(2006) Zircon Age Constraints on the Basement in East Java, Indonesia
Hamilton J, Smyth H, Hall R & Kinny PD

(2006) Deep differentiation of island arc basalt in Mindanao, Philippines: implications for growth of arc lithosphere
Macpherson C & Hall R

(2000) A Comparative Study of the Geochemistry and Tectonic Setting of Cenozoic Igneous Rocks from East Kalimantan and Sabah, Borneo
Chiang KK, Macpherson C, Hall R & Thirlwall M

(2000) Spatial and Temporal Evolution of Magmatism in an Arc -Arc Collision: The Halmahera and Sangihe Arcs, Eastern Indonesia
Macpherson C, Forde E, Hall R & Thirlwall M

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