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All abstracts by Stefan B. Haderlein in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) Changes in Redox Properties of Dissolved Organic Matter Sorbed onto Fe(III)-Montmorillonite
Subdiaga E, Orsetti S & Haderlein SB

(2017) Fractionation of Humic Acids Upon Sorption to Redox Inert Sorbents and its Effect on Redox State
Subdiaga E, Orsetti S, Harir M, Schmitt-Kopplin P & Haderlein SB

(2017) Sorption of Pesticides to Natural and Synthetic Nanoparticles
Guluzada L, Luo L, Pattky M, Anwander R, Huhn C & Haderlein S

(2013) Integrated C and Cl Isotope Modeling of Chlorinated Ethenes Degradation
Jin B, Haderlein S & Rolle M

(2011) Combining Electrochemical and Spectroscopic Methods to Obtain Speciation of Quinones
Orsetti S, Spahr S, Laskov C & Haderlein S

(2011) Comparison of Different Evaluation Schemes and Optimization of Instrumental Parameters for Chlorine Isotope Analysis of Organic Compounds Using GC-Qms
Jin B, Laskov C, Rolle M & Haderlein SB

(2010) Influence of Ionic Strength on Structure and Redox Activity of Humic Substances
Kappler A, Bauer I, Haderlein SB & Kappler A

(2009) Reductive Transformation of Chlorinated Hydrocarbons at Iron Minerals in the Presence of Organic Sorbates
Laskov C, Schmidt A & Haderlein S

(2002) Stable Isotope Analysis of Volatile Organic Contaminants at Trace Levels
Zwank L, Luzi S, Berg M, Schmidt TC & Haderlein SB

(2002) Abiotic Dehalogenation of Aliphatic Contaminants in Heterogeneous Fe(II)/Fe(III) Systems
Haderlein SB, Elsner M, Erbs M, Hofstetter T, Pecher K & Schwarzenbach RP

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