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All abstracts by Natsue Abe in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Ocean Bottom Detector: New Under-Development Anti-Neutrino Detector for Direct Observation of Mantle Geo-Neutrino
Sakai T, Inoue K, Watanabe H, McDonough WF, Ueki K, Abe N, Kasaya T, Kyo M & Araki E

(2022) Effective Onboard Measurements of Rock Physical Properties during Hard Rock Drilling
Abe N

(2021) Metasomatized Peridotite Xenoliths from the Cretaceous Rift-Related Natash Volcanics and their Bearing on the Nature of the Lithospheric Mantle beneath the Southern Part of the Eastern Desert of Egypt
Abe N, Surour AA, Madani AA & Arai S

(2020) Mapping of Small-Scale Seamounts off Southern Chile
Abe N, Fujiwara T & Harada N

(2019) Physical Properties of the MohoTZ: Implications from Recent Drilling Projects
Abe N, Okazaki K, Katayama I, Hatakeyama K, Akamatsu Y, Michibayashi K, Takazawa E, Teagle D, Kelemen P, Godard M, Matter J & Coggon J

(2016) Petit-Spot Lavas as Test for Alkaline Magma Generation
Rochat L, Pilet S, Kaczmarek M-A, Müntener O, Abe N, Hirano N & Machida S

(2016) Microstructural and Petrological Analyses Peridotites and Gabbros from IODP Hole U1382A at North Pond in the Kane Area of Mid-Atlantic Ridge
Harigane Y, Abe N, Michibayashi K, Kimura J-I & Chang Q

(2016) Finding the Source of the Latitudinal Compositional Variation in the Izu-Bonin Arc System
Durkin K, Castillo P, Abe N, Kaneko R, Tamura Y, Straub S & Yan Q

(2016) Physical Properties and Borehole Information of Hole U1473A, IODP Exp. 360 Inditan Ridge Lower Crust and Moho (SloMo)
Abe N, Ildefonse B, Blackman D, Dick H, MacLeod C, Blum P & Scientific Party IE3

(2016) How Petit-Spot Mantle Xenoliths Will Refine LAB Processes
Pilet S, Rochat L, Muntener O, Kaczmarek M-A, Duretz T, Abe N, Hirano N & Machida S

(2015) Bulk-Rock and Mineral Major Element Chemistries of the Pacific Crust Subducting into the Izu-Bonin Trench
Abe N, Kaneko R, Castillo PR, Straub S, Durkin K, Garcia E, Yan Q & Tamura Y

(2015) Geochemical Variation of the Pacific Crust Subducting beneath the Izu-Bonin Arc and its Implications for the Generation of Arc Magmas
Durkin K, Castillo P, Straub S, Abe N, Garcia E, Yan Q, Kaneko R & Tamura Y

(2015) Is Metasomatism a Global Mechanism at the Lithosphere-Asthenosphere Boundary?
Rochat L, Pilet S, Abe N, Kaczmarek M-A, Baumgartner L & Müntener O

(2015) Evidence for Deep Metasomatic Enrichment in Oceanic Lithospheric Mantle
Pilet S, Rochat L, Abe N, Kaczmarek M-A & Muntener O

(2013) Multidisciplinary Study on the Oceanic Plate: Implications from the Research on Petitspot Volcanoes
Abe N & Fujiwara T

(2013) Evidence for Global Metasomatic Enrichment in Oceanic Lithosphere
Pilet S, Abe N, Rochat L, Buchs D & Baumgartner PO

(2011) Rutile Included in the Podiform Chromitite from Ocean Floor at MAR 15°20’N FZ, Site 1271, ODP Leg 209
Abe N

(2008) Correspondences of Helium Isotope Compositions between Gabbros or Abyssal Peridotites with Basalts: A View for Heterogeneity Inferred from the Volcanics in Uppermost Mantle
Kumagai H, Sato K, McCaig A, Abe N & Dick HJB

(2006) Petrology and geochemistry of mantle xenoliths from petit-spot volcano, NW Pacific Plate
Abe N, Yamamoto J, Hirano N & Arai S

(2004) Petrology of the Peridotite Xenoliths from East Asia Region: Implications for the Evolution of the Sub-Continental Lithosphere
Abe N, Arai S, Neduka M & Kida M

(2003) Petrology of the Ultramafic Xenoliths with K-Feldsper Veinlet from Hamada Nephelinite, SW Japan Arc
Abe N & Arai S

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