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All abstracts by Alex J McCoy-West in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Reconstruction of Primary Oceanic Signatures from Hypogene- and Supergene-Altered Banded Iron Formations: The Weld Range BIF
Russo SC, McCoy-West AJ & Duuring P

(2023) Automated and Streamlined Strontium Purification of Aqueous Samples for Isotopic Analyses
Manestar GN, Lewis H, McCoy-West AJ, Naidoo N, Makart S, Thompson O & Mahan B

(2023) Quantifying Rare Earth Element Distribution and Isotope Fractionation in Hydrous Systems Using Density Functional Theory and Speciation Modelling
Nestmeyer M & McCoy-West AJ

(2023) An Isotope Metallomics Characterization of Samples from the Australian Imaging, Biomarker & Lifestyle Flagship Study of Ageing, and ab Initio Calculations of K Isotope Fractionation in Biological Systems
Mahan B, Nestmeyer M, McCoy-West AJ, Moynier F, Lahoud-Heilbronner E, Fowler C, Bush A & Study A

(2022) Insights into Secular Changes in Archean Crustal Formation Processes: The Necessity for Representative Databases
Vandenburg ED, Nebel O, Millet M-A, Bruand E, McCoy-West AJ, Cawood PA, Smithies H, Moyen J-F & Nebel-Jacobsen Y

(2022) Using Radiogenic and Stable Nd Isotopes to Trace Secular Evolution of the Archean Crust: Insights from the SWASA Collection
McCoy-West AJ, Ladwig SA, Moyen J-F, Millet M-A, Bruand E, Nebel O & Cawood PA

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