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All abstracts by Valentin R Troll in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Magma-Shale Interaction and Volatile Mobilization at LIPs: Insights from Kinetic Experiments
Deegan FM, Bédard JH, Grasby S, Dewing K, Geiger H, Misiti V, Capriolo M, Callegaro S, Svensen HH, Yakymchuk C, Aradi LE, Freda C & Troll VR

(2023) Felsic Magma Storage in Ocean Islands; Insights from Miocene Microsyenite Samples from Gran Canaria, Canary Islands
Geiger H, Deegan FM, Troll VR, Perez-Torrado FJ, Carracedo JC, Harris C & Jensen M

(2022) Petrogenesis of Ultramafic Lamprophyres and Carbonatites of the Alnö Complex (Central Sweden)
Krmíček L, Magna T, Kynický J, Vašinová Galiová M & Troll VR

(2022) Ancient Oral Tradition in Central Java Warns of Volcano–earthquake Interaction
Troll VR, Deegan F & Seraphine N

(2022) Diverse Mantle Components with Invariant Oxygen Isotopes; The 2021 Fagradalsfjall Eruption, Iceland
Bindeman IN, Deegan F, Troll VR, Thordarson T, Höskuldsson Á, Moreland W, Zorn E, Shevchenko A & Walter TR

(2022) Lava Compositions of the 2021 La Palma Eruption Reflect Magma Recharge and Mixing Processes in the Lithosphere
Day JMD, Aulinas M, Deegan F, Troll VR, Geiger H, Carracedo JC, Gisbert Pinto G & Perez-Torrado FJJ

(2022) Characterization of Xeno-Pumices from Harrat Rahat, SaudiArabia: Understanding Magma-Crust Interaction
Garcia Paredes ER, Jägerup BS, van der Zwan FM, Hansteen TH, Troll VR, Follmann J & Zivadinovic I

(2021) Immiscible Melts Associated with Recycled Ocean Crust at Fogo, Cape Verde
Rydeblad EM, Barker AK, Barling J, Ellis BS, Duan H, Troll VR, Pérez Torrado FJ, Carracedo JC & Holm PM

(2021) Remobilisation of Crustal CO2 Recorded in Calc-Silicate Xenoliths from Merapi Volcano (Indonesia)
Whitley S, Halama R, Gertisser R, Preece K, Troll VR, Deegan F & Ion Micro-Probe Facility (EIMF) E

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