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All abstracts by Guelard Julia in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Investigating and Quantifying Natural H2 Emissions within the Fe-Rich Kansas Precambrian Granitoid Crust, Through High Resolution Microscopy and Tomography
Combaudon V, Sissmann O, Kularatne K, Julia G, Guyot F, Bernard S, Viennet J-C, Martinez I, Renard S, Newell KD, Derluyn H & Deville E

(2022) Using Noble Gas Concentrations and δ13C to Monitor CO2 Leakage in a Carbonate Freshwater Shallow Aquifer
Noirez S, Julia G, Ekambas P, Martin F, Vermesse H, Garcia B, Estublier A, Leroux O, Loisy C, Rossi L, Brichart T, Hautefeuille B & Cerepi A

(2022) Contribution of Geochemical Gas Analyses to the Understanding of the Subduction-Related Petroleum System’s Dynamics of North Peruvian Fore-Arc
Lemgruber-Traby A, Julia G, Souque C, Espurt N, Noirez S, Vermesse H, Ekambas P, Bellier O & Calderon Y

(2021) Geochemical Monitoring of CO2 and CH4 Injection in a Carbonate Shallow Aquifer
Julia G, Noirez S, Vermesse H, Ekambas P, Arfi L, Martin F, Estublier A, Garcia B, Loisy C, Rossi L, Cerepi A, Le Roux O & Petit A

(2021) Development of a Downhole Sampler and an Integrated Analysis System for Gas Content Determination in an Aquifer Fluid (Major, Noble Gas and Isotopic Meaurement). Application in situ on a Geothermal Well
Noirez S, Julia G, Martin F, Ekambas P, Estublier A, Ricroch P, Lajarthe M, Cazeaux D & Savay-Guerraz G

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