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All abstracts by François L.H. Tissot in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Search for the Carriers of P-Process Anomalies in Early Solar System Condensates
Marquez RT, Charlier BLA, Abbott T, Smeets P, Heck PR & Tissot FLH

(2022) Apparent Mo Isotope Anomalies Resulting from Non-Exponential Mass Fractionation
Budde G, Tissot FLH, Kleine T & Marquez RT

(2022) How do I and Pu Partition during Core Formation? Constraints from First-Principles Molecular Dynamics and Implications
Liu W, Zhang Y, Tissot FLH, Avice G & Yin Q-Z

(2022) Establishing and Calibrating the Zr Isotope Reference Material (iRM)
Tissot FLH, Ibanez-Mejia M, Vocke R, Rabb S, Fehr M, Schönbächler M, Tang H & Young ED

(2022) The Oxidation State of Uranium in Zircon from U M4-edge X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy
Houchin SK, Tissot FLH, Ibanez-Mejia M, Newville M, Lanzirotti A & Pavia F

(2022) Iron Isotopes in Mantle and Cumulate Xenoliths from Adak Island, Central Aleutians
Sosa ES, Bucholz CE, Hernández-Montenegro JD, Tissot FLH, Kipp MA, Kay SM & Kay R

(2022) Fractionation of Iron Isotopes between Strongly Peraluminous Granites and their Sedimentary Sources: A Case Study of the Archean Ghost Lake Batholith
Bucholz CE, Hernández-Montenegro JD, Sosa ES, Tissot FLH & Kipp MA

(2022) Controls on the Zr Stable Isotope Composition and Variability of Earth’s Upper Mantle
Ibanez-Mejia M, Garrido CJ & Tissot FLH

(2022) Experimental Constraints on Zr Stable Isotope Fractionation during Magmatic Zircon Crystallization
Tompkins HGD, Ibanez-Mejia M, Tissot FLH, Wang Y, Trail D & Bloch E

(2022) A Shale-Hosted Selenium Isotope Record of Paleozoic Ocean Oxygenation
Kipp MA, Bubphamanee K, Stüeken EE, Tissot FLH, Algeo TJ, Brocks JJ, Dahl TW, Kinsley J & Buick R

(2022) What Drives Copper Isotope Effects in the Serum of Cancer Patients? Mechanistic Insights from box Modeling
Miaou E & Tissot FLH

(2022) Shark Teeth: A New U Isotopic Archive for Paleoredox Reconstruction?
Li H, Kipp MA, Kim SL, Kast ER & Tissot FLH

(2021) Robustly Quantifying Seafloor Anoxia Using Uranium Isotope Data from Ancient Marine Sediments
Kipp MA & Tissot FLH

(2021) On the Analytical 183W Effect and the Interpretation of Terrestrial W Isotope Variations
Budde G, Archer GJ, Tissot FLH & Kleine T

(2019) Single-Grain 238U/235U Measurements in Early Earth Zircons
Tissot FLH, Ibanez-Mejia M, Boehnke P, Dauphas N, McGee D, Grove TL & Harrison TM

(2019) Initial 87Sr/86Sr Chronology of Allende Fine-Grained CAIs from Step Leaching Experiments
Charlier B, Tissot F, Dauphas N, Vollstaedt H & Wilson C

(2019) In situ d94/90Zr Variations in Zircon
Kirkpatrick H, Harrison TM, Liu M-C, Tissot F & Ibanez-Mejia M

(2019) A New Perspective on Refractory Element Fractionation from REE Isotope Systematics in CAIs
Hu J, Dauphas N, Tissot FLH, Yokochi R & Ireland TJ

(2019) Zr Stable Isotope Variability in the Silicate Earth: Is Zircon to Blame?
Ibanez-Mejia M, Tissot FLH, Grohn LJ & Tompkins HGD

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