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All abstracts by Geoffrey M. Nowell in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Tracing CO2 and H2S Sequestration in a Basaltic Aquifer Using Stable Isotopes at CarbFix, Iceland
Ancellin M-A, Gíslason SR, Snæbjörnsdóttir SÓ, Sigfússon B, Nowell GM, Pogge von Strandmann PAE, Oelkers EH, Alfreðsson HA, Aradóttir ES, Mesfin KG & Burton KW

(2020) Tracing Mechanisms of Sulphur Release with Cu and Zn Isotopes in Historical Icelandic Flood Lavas
Gallagher CR, Savage PS, Nowell GM, Houghton BF, Thordarson T & Burton KW

(2019) Using Mineral Isotope Stratigraphy to Understand Crustal Contamination in the Lesser Antilles Arc
Brown J, Prytulak J, Cooper G, Macpherson C, Nowell G & Neill I

(2019) Vanadium Isotopic Composition of Garnet-Clinopyroxene Pairs from Kimberlite-Hosted Mantle Xenoliths
Page S, Prytulak J, Nowell G, Novella D & Yaxley G

(2019) Molybdenum Isotope Evidence for Extensive Crustal Extraction and Recycling in Earth’s First Billion Years
McCoy-West A, Chowdhury P, Burton K, Sossi P, Nowell G, Fitton G, Cawood P & Williams H

(2019) HSE and 187Os/188Os Isotopic Systematics in Mantle Wedge Peridotite Xenoliths from the Canadian Cordillera
Strack R, Luguet A, Minarik W & Nowell G

(2019) Carbonate Assimilation by Sunda Arc Magma at Sumbing Volcano, Central Java, Indonesia
Macpherson C, Dempsey S, Nowell G, Ottley C, Thirlwall M & Hall R

(2019) Pt-Re-Os Dating of the Pt-Alloys from the Kondyor Zoned Mafic-Ultramafic Complex (Far East Russia)
Luguet A, Nowell G, Pushkarev E, Ballhaus C, Wirth R & Schreiber A

(2019) Texturally Informed Isotopic Records of Magma Differentiation in Intrusive Settings
Stow M, Prytulak J, Humphreys M, Nowell G & MacDonald J

(2019) The Timing and Mechanisms of S Release during the 2014–15 CE Holuhraun and 1783–84 CE Laki Flood Lava Eruptions, Iceland. A Chalcophile Isotope Perspective
Gallagher C, Burton K, Savage P, Thordarson T, Houghton B & Nowell G

(2019) Neodymium Stable Isotope Behaviour in the Critical Zone
Grattage J, McCoy-West A, Alban-Millet M, Gíslason S, Nowell G & Burton K

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