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All abstracts by Andrea Mundl-Petermeier in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Secular Variability in the 142Nd/144Nd Compositions of high-3He/4He Basalts from the Iceland Hotspot
Peters B & Mundl-Petermeier A

(2021) Banded Iron Formations – Ancient Proxies for the 182W Composition of the Upper Mantle and Crust
Mundl-Petermeier A, Viehmann S, Tusch J, Bau M & Münker C

(2020) Geodynamic Implications of He and W Isotopes in Iceland Hotspot Lavas
Jackson M, Blichert-Toft J, Halldorsson S, Mundl-Petermeier A, Bizimis M, Kurz M, Price A, Hardardottir S, Willhite L, Breddam K, Becker T & Fischer R

(2019) New Insights to Earth History Provided by Short-Lived Radiogenic Isotope Systems
Walker R & Mundl-Petermeier A

(2019) Ancient Lower Mantle Heterogeneities Revealed by Modern OIB – A Story Told by W and He Isotopes
Mundl-Petermeier A, Walker R, Fischer R & Jackson M

(2019) Lithophile-Siderophile Constraints on Hadean Processes Preserved in Hotspot Sources
Peters B, Mundl-Petermeier A, Carlson R, Walker R & Day J

(2019) Extinct Radionuclide Signatures from Juvenile Crustal Blocks within the Slave Craton
Reimink J, Pearson DG, Shirey SB, Carlson RW, Mundl-Petermeier A & Walker RJ

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