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All abstracts by Mickey Gunter in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2012) Geochemical Modeling of Lung Fluid-Mineral Interactions: Highlighting Fundamental Knowledge Gaps
Druschel G, Gunter M & Taunton A

(2008) Behavior of Rock-Forming Minerals Under Simulated and Actual Lung Conditions
Taunton A, Gunter M & Wood S

(2005) Optical Mineralogy: Outdated and Essential
Gunter M

(2005) Dissolution of Tremolite: An Experimental Study Simulating Conditions in the Human Lung
Nelson B, Wood S & Gunter ME

(2005) Asterism in the Idaho Star Garnet
Gunter M, Mabbutt W, Miura E & Rossman G

(2005) Geometric Constraints of in situ Synchrotron micro-XANES Determinations of Oxidation State
Delaney J, Dyar MD, Gunter M, Sutton S & Lanzirotti A

(2005) Transmission and Fluorescence Mode microXAS Analysis of Oriented Mineral Grains
Dyar MD, Delaney J, Gunter M, Sutton S & Lanzirotti A

(2005) Micro-Spectroscopic Investigation of Selenium Speciation in Reclaimed Mine Soils from Southeastern Idaho
Strawn D, Ryser A, Marcus M, Johnson-Maynard J, Moller G & Gunter M

(2005) In situ Use of Microwaves to Remotely Determine the Water Content of Minerals
Grow J & Gunter M

(2005) Low-Level Detection of Libby Amphiboles in Attic Insulation
Sanchez M & Gunter M

(2002) The Thermodynamics of Asbestos Mineral Dissolution and Conversion in the Human Lung
Taunton A, Wood S & Gunter M

(2002) Combined Sr and Cs Exchange in a Natural Clinoptilolite
Gunter M & Palmer J

(2001) A Rapid Method to Determine the Optical Orientation of Biaxial Minerals
Gunter ME & Twamley B

(2001) Amphibole-Asbestos, Vermiculite Mining and Libby, Montana: What's in a Name?
Gunter ME, Brown BM, Bandli BR & Dyar MD

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