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All abstracts by Janne M. Koornneef in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Paleozoic Subduction into the Deeper Mantle Recorded by Superdeep Diamonds
Timmerman S, Pearson DG, Koornneef JM, Harlou R, Nowell GM, Thomson AR, Kohn SC, Davies JHFL, Davies GR, Krebs MY, Zhang Q, Milne SE, Stachel T, Harris JW, Kaminsky F, Bulanova G, Smith CB, Burnham A & Walter MJ

(2022) Can We Quantify Sediment Recycling in Italy's Post-Collisional Subduction System?
Koornneef JM, Schriever V, Goede A, Boonstra J, Bracco Gartner AJJ, Luciani N, Ogata K, Segadelli S, Iannace A, Vroon P, Nikogosian I & Davies GR

(2022) Investigating Combined Arc and OIB Signatures at a Post-Collisional Subduction Setting by Geochemical and Boron Isotope Analyses of Melt Inclusions from Vulture, Italy
Luciani N, De Winter B, Nikogosian I, De Hoog C-J, Bracco Gartner AJJ, Davies GR & Koornneef JM

(2022) Mt. Etna Primary Melts from 600 ka to the Present day Characterized by Geochemistry of Melt Inclusions
Nikogosian IK, Fontijn S, Bracco Gartner AJJ, Luciani N & Koornneef JM

(2022) The Mantle Source of Lamproites from Torre Alfina, Italy: Evidence from Melt Inclusions in Olivine
Bracco Gartner AJJ, Nikogosian IK, Aartsen JM, Gonggrijp C, Luciani N, Davies GR & Koornneef JM

(2021) Extreme Heterogeneity of Sr-Nd-Pb in Melt Inclusions from Latera (Italy) Resulting from Complex Subduction Dynamics
Koornneef JM & Nikogosian IK

(2021) Homogenisation of Heterogeneous Mantle Melts in Transcrustal Plumbing System
Brouillet F, France L, Koornneef JM, Mourey A & Casola V

(2021) Boron Isotopes in Italian Melt Inclusions
Luciani N, Nikogosian IK, De Hoog J, Davies GR & Koornneef JM

(2021) A New Heating/Quenching Stage for Melt Inclusion Homogenisation: Hundreds of Olivine Grains in One Experiment
Nikogosian IK, Koornneef JM, Postma O, Arends J, Plas WVD & Rosier J

(2021) A Clinopyroxene Record of Primitive Melt Diversity and Mantle Heterogeneity beneath Italy
Bracco Gartner AJJ, Nikogosian IK, van Bergen MJ, Koornneef JM & Mason PRD

(2020) Radiogenic Isotopes in Minerals and Melt Inclusions Reveal that Mantle Hetereogeneity is Masked by Mixing
Koornneef JM, Nikogosian I, Bracco Gartner A, Luciani N, Brouillet F, France L & Davies G

(2020) CO2 Content in high-K Melts: High-P/T Experiments on Melt Inclusions
Nikogosian I, Van Westrenen W, De Hoog C-J & Koornneef J

(2020) Coupled Trace Element and Sr-Nd-(Pb) Isotopes in Olivine-Hosted Melt Inclusions from the Mariana Arc
Koornneef J, Nikogosian I, Luciani N, Bracco Gartner A, Elliott T & Davies G

(2020) A New Crushing Technique for Coupled ẟ13C and ẟ18O Analysis in Fluid Inclusions
Luciani N, Nikogosian I, van der Lubbe HJL, Verdegaal-Warmerdam SJA, Postma O, Davies GR & Koornneef JM

(2020) Sub-Nanogram Pb Isotope Analysis of Individual Melt Inclusions
Bracco Gartner AJJ, Davies GR & Koornneef JM

(2019) A Process-Oriented View of the Isotopic Variability in Oceanic Basalts
Stracke A, Genske F, Berndt J & Koornneef J

(2019) Optimised Techniques to Determine Coupled Trace Element and Sr-Nd-Pb Isotope Ratios in Olivine-Hosted Melt Inclusions
Koornneef JM, Bracco-Gartner AJJ, Nikogosian IK, Klaver M, Vroon PZ & Davies GR

(2019) Mantle Heterogeneity Preserved in the Lower Oceanic Crust
Lambart S, Koornneef J, Millet M-A, Davies G, Cook M & Lissenberg J

(2019) Subduction-Related Mantle Heterogeneity Recorded by Sr-Nd-Pb Isotopes in Melt Inclusions from Central Italy
Bracco Gartner AJJ, Nikogosian IK, Davies GR & Koornneef JM

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