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All abstracts by Fatma Gultekin in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2017) Application of Chemical Geothermometers to Estimation of Reservoir Temperature in the Low-Enthalpy Geothermal Area: Ikizdere- Ayder (Rize), Turkey
Hatipoglu Temizel E, Gultekin F & Fırat Ersoy A

(2017) A Multi-Isotope Investigation to Understand the Origin of Thermal Water in the Şavsat (Artvin) Geothermal Area, Turkey
Gültekin F, Subaşı BM, Hatipoglu Temizel E & Fırat Ersoy A

(2013) Hydrogeochemical Assesment of Pasinler (Erzurum- Turkey) Geothermal Fluids
Hatipoglu E, Gultekin F & Firat Ersoy A

(2013) Water Geochemistry of the Thermal Waters in the Eastern Black Sea Section (Ordu, Rize and Artvin), Turkey
Gultekin F, Hatipoglu E & Firat Ersoy A

(2013) Evolution of Hydrogeochemical Problems in Merzifon (Amasya, Turkey) Aquifer with GIS
Firat Ersoy A & Gültekin F

(2011) Hydrochemical Properties of Thermal Waters in the Eastern Black Sea Section
Gultekin F, Firat Ersoy A & Hatipoglu E

(2011) Integrating Multivariate Statistical Analysis for Geochemical Assessment of Groundwater Quality in Gümüşhacıköy Plain (Amasya, Turkey)
Firat Ersoy A, Hatipoglu E & Gultekin F

(2011) GIS Based Spatial Distribution Mapping for Surface Waters in Solaklı Basin (Trabzon, Turkey)
Firat Ersoy A, Gultekin F, Hatipoglu E & Celep S

(2009) Isotopic Investigation of Hamamayagı Hot Water Spring (Samsun, Turkey)
Hatipoglu E & Gültekin F

(2007) Hydrogeochemical Properties of Ladik Hot Water Spring (Samsun, Turkey)
Hatipoglu E, Gültekin F & Firat Ersoy A

(2007) Hydrogeochemistry of Alluvial Groundwater in Agricultural Area: A Case Study in Gumushacikoy Aquifer, Turkey
Firat Ersoy A, Ersoy H & Gültekin F

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