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All abstracts by Marcel Guillong in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) A New Reference Material Candidate RA138 for U-Pb Carbonate Dating by LA-ICP-MS
Guillong M, Samankassou E, Müller IA, Looser N, Tavazzani L, Szymanowski D, Tomé OM, Nuriel P & Ovtcharova M

(2023) Can We Date Marine Carbonates at High(er) Precision with U-Pb ID-TIMS Method?
Ovtcharova M, Müller IA, Samankassou E, Guillong M, Messori F, Peyrotty G, Linnemann U, Hofmann M, Zieger J, Vennemann T, Kouzmanov K, Merino-Tomé O & Nuriel P

(2023) In situ Rb-Sr Dating of Mica Without Employing the MicaMG Standard
Giuliani A, Guillong M, Maas R & Howarth GH

(2022) Zircon and Garnet Compositional Constraints on the Nature of Extension-Related Peraluminous Silicic Magmas in the Northern Pannonian Basin
Harangi S, Lukács R, Guillong M, Bachmann O, Portnyagin MV, Müller S & Kovács Z

(2022) Magmatic Evolution Patterns of the Miocene Silicic Explosive Volcanism in the Pannonian Basin, Eastern-Central Europe
Lukács R, Szepesi J, Guillong M, Józsa S, Bachmann O, Portnyagin MV, Schiller D, Kovács Z, Müller S & Harangi S

(2022) Can U-Pb Dating on Carbonates add to Improved Time Constraints on the Ediacaran Metazoan Ecosystem in the Nama Group, Namibia?
Müller IA, Messori F, Guillong M, Peyrotty G, Samankassou E, Linnemann U, Hofmann M, Zieger J, Vennemann T, Kouzmanov K & Ovtcharova M

(2021) Differential Record of Pre- and Syn-Eruptive Degassing of a Large Rhyolitic System Recorded by Li, H, and δ7Li Diffusion between Quartz, Melt Inclusions and Groundmass Glasses
Neukampf J, Laurent O, Tollan PM, Bouvier A-S, Magna T, Ulmer P, France L, Ellis BS, Guillong M & Bachmann O

(2020) Can LA-ICP-MS 238U-230Th Zircon Dates Constrain Eruption Ages?
Oalmann J, Forni F, Guillong M & Bouvet de Maisonneuve C

(2019) Towards Reliable LA-ICP-MS U-Pb Carbonate Dating
Guillong M, Wotzlaw J-F, Looser N, Laurent O & Bachmann O

(2019) Progressively Shorter Magma Storage and Rapid Remobilization Prior to Voluminous Eruptions of Vesuvius
Wotzlaw J-F, Bastian L, Guillong M, Forni F, Laurent O, Sulpizio R & Bachmann O

(2019) Constraining the Multi-Stage Burial and Tectonic History of Northern Switzerland over the Last 200 Ma with Carbonate Clumped Isotopes and LA-ICP-MS U-Pb Dating
Looser N, Guillong M, Laurent O, Rickli J, Fernandez A & Bernasconi S

(2019) U-Pb Dating of Columbite-Bearing Ores with a New Columbite Reference Material
von Quadt A, Guillong M, Laurent O, Peytcheva I, Galliski M & Bermudez A

(2019) Zircon Crystallization Age Distribution Reflecting the Lifetime of the Long-Living Crystal Mush System beneath the Ciomadul Volcanic Dome Field (Eastern-Central Europe)
Lukács R, Schmitt AK, Caricchi L, Bachmann O, Guillong M, Molnár K & Harangi S

(2018) Controls on Lithium Concentration in Zircon
Sliwinski J, Kueter N, Guillong M & Bachmann O

(2017) A New Approach for Constraining the Magnitude of Initial Disequilibrium in Quaternary Zircons by Coupled U and Th Decay Series Dating
Sakata S, Hirakawa S, Iwano H, Danhara T, Guillong M & Hirata T

(2017) New U-Pb Age Constraints on Tertiary Magmatism and Pb-Zn Skarn Formation in the Madan District, Central Rhodopes, Bulgaria
Hantsche A, Kouzmanov K, Dini A, Vassileva R, Guillong M & von Quadt A

(2016) Tracing the “Slab Component” in Arc Lavas Using Ce/Mo
Skora S, Freymuth H, Blundy J, Elliott T & Guillong M

(2015) Constrains on the Timescale of the Silicic Magma Reservoir System during the Miocene Ignimbrite Flare-Up Episode in the Pannonian Basin, Eastern-Central Europe
Lukács R, Harangi S, Bachmann O, Guillong M & Dunkl I

(2014) U/Pb Dating of CA and non-CA Treated Zircons Obtained by LA-ICP-MS and TIMS Techniques: Impact for their Geological Interpretation
von Quadt A, Gallhofer D, Guillong M, Peytcheva I & Waelle M

(2013) Optimization of LA-ICP-MS for U-Pb Dating of Young Zircons
Guillong M, Bachmann O & von Quadt A

(2011) Molybdenite Deposition in Bingham Canyon Deposit: Role of Sulfur, Redox and pH Chemistry in Magmatic-Hydrothermal Fluids
Seo JH, Guillong M & Heinrich CA

(2011) The Effect of Cl on the Solubilty of Au and Pd in Andesitic Melts
Botcharnikov R, Linnen R, Guillong M, Holtz F & Kamenetsky V

(2011) Fluid Inclusion Analysis by Laser Ablation ICPMS: How Consistent are Element Ratios?
Guillong M, Pettke T & Danyushevsky L

(2011) Maximising Precision and Accuracy in Laser Quadrupole ICPMS U-Pb Geochronology
Meffre S, Danyushevsky L, Guillong M & Gilbert S

(2010) Dependence of the Level of Argide Interferences on Light PGEs during Laser Ablation of Sulphides on the Configuration of ICP-MS
Danyushevsky L, Guillong M, Gilbert S, Waelle M & Raveggi M

(2010) Pushing Laser Ablation ICP-MS to the Limit: Speed, Reproducibility and Sensitivity
Guillong M & Danyushevsky L

(2009) Fluid Properties in Porphyry-Style to Skarn-Hosted Copper Mineralization at Dongguashan, SE China
Yang X, Xu Z, Seo JH, Lu X & Guillong M

(2009) Melt Inclusions in Basalts of the Menez Gwen Active Seafloor Hydrothermal System: A LA-ICP-MS Study
Marques F, Scott S & Guillong M

(2009) Uncertainties of LA-ICP-MS U-Pb Zircon Ages Caused by the Use of Different Data Reduction Software
von Quadt A, Guillong M & Peytcheva I

(2009) Gold Content of Fluids and Quartz in the Hishikari Epithermal Deposit
Murakami H, Guillong M & Heinrich CA

(2009) Diffusive Reequilibration of Quartz Hosted Silicate Melt and Fluid Inclusions: Are all Metal Concentrations Unmodified?
Zajacz Z, Hanley J, Heinrich C, Halter W & Guillong M

(2009) Gold-Rich Sulfide Melt Inclusions in Xenocrysts from a Mid-Crustal Magma Chamber, Mt. Milligan Porphyry Deposit, B.C., Canada
Hanley J & Guillong M

(2009) Role of Sulfur in Hydrothermal Metal Fractionation and the Formation of Porphyry-Type Ore Deposits
Seo JH, Guillong M & Heinrich CA

(2009) Accuracy and Application of Sulfur Quantification in Fluid Inclusions by LA-ICPMS
Guillong M, Seo JH, Aerts M, Zajacz Z & Heinrich CA

(2009) REE, HFSE, LILE, and Transition Metal Exchange between Basaltic Melt and Supercritical Cl-Bearing Aqueous Fluid
Bell A, Simon A, Guillong M & Heinrich C

(2007) Mass Transfer during Volatile Exsolution in Magmatic Systems: Insights from the Analyses of Silicate Melt and Magmatic Fluid Inclusions
Zajacz Z, Halter W, Pettke T & Guillong M

(2006) Determination of fluid/melt partition coefficients by LA-ICPMS analysis of co-existing fluid and silicate melt inclusions
Zajacz Z, Halter W, Pettke T & Guillong M

(2005) Characterization of Laser-Induced Aerosol for Quantitative Analysis of Solids Using LA-ICP-MS
Guenther D, Kuhn H & Guillong M

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