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All abstracts by Gideon Henderson in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Application of Ca Isotope Systematics in Studies of Carbonatites
Sun J, Zhu X, Belshaw N, Chen W, Doroshkevich AG, Luo W, Song W, Chen B, Cheng Z, Li Z-H, Wang Y, Kynicky J & Henderson G

(2020) Behaviors of Neodymium Isotopes and Carbon Isotopes in the South Atlantic Ocean
Wang R, Piotrowski A, Clegg J & Henderson G

(2019) A One-Column Separation of Ca and Sr for Accurate Isotopic Analysis Using MC-ICPMS
Sun J, Zhu X, Belshaw NS, Henderson GM, Chen B, Li S, Ma J & Li Z

(2019) GEOTRACES: Inspired by GEOSECS to Investigate Trace Elements and their Isotopes in the Ocean
Anderson R, Francois R, Frank M, Henderson G, Jeandel C & Sharma M

(2019) The Calcification Response of Multiple Species of Coccolithophore to Elevated Ocean Alkalinity
Gill S, Rickaby R & Henderson G

(2019) Multi-Proxy Speleothem Evidence for Southeast Asian Hydroclimate Variability Since 38 ka
Johnson K, Wood C, Griffiths M, Borsato A, Frisia S, Henderson G & Mason A

(2019) Coupled Trace Element and Stable Isotope Proxies Expose Alternating Wet and Dry Climates in Iran’s Past
Carolin S, Ersek V, Henderson G & Walker R

(2019) Testing the Milankovitch–climate Connection with U-Series Chronology of Carbonates
Henderson G, Carolin S, Johnson K, Mason A, Breitenbach S & Vaks A

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