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All abstracts by Nur Gueneli in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Bacteria as the Powerhouse of Mid-Proterozoic Ecosystems
Brocks J, Gueneli N, McKenna A, Ohkouchi N, Boreham C, Beghine J & Javaux E

(2017) Redox-Sensitive Proxies to Reconstruct Detailed Palaeoecological Conditions in the 1.1 Ga Taoudeni Basin, Mauritania
Sforna MC, Beghin J, Debaille V, Guilbaud R, Poulton SW, Gueneli N, Brocks JJ, Blanpied C & Javaux EJ

(2015) Towards a Palaeoecological Model of the Mesoproterozoic Taoudeni Basin
Beghin J, Poulton S, Gueneli N, Brocks J, Storme J-Y, Blanpied C & Javaux E

(2015) Porphyrins from 1.1 Gyr Benthic Mats
Gueneli N, McKenna AM, Krajewski LC, Che H, Boreham C, Ohkouchi N, Poulton SW, Beghin J, Javaux EJ & Brocks JJ

(2012) 1.1 Billion-Years-Old Biomarkers from a Microbial Mat
Gueneli N, Brocks JJ & Legendre E

(2011) The Nitrogen Isotopic Composition of a Proteozoic Microbial Community
Gueneli N & Brocks JJ

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