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All abstracts by Qiushi Guan in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Molecular Dynamic Simulations to Understand the Hydrothermal Deposits of Rare Earth Elements
Guan Q, Mei Y, Etschmann B, Louvel M & Brugger J

(2021) A Synchrotron XAS Study of Molybdenum Speciation in Sulfur-Bearing Hydrothermal Fluids
Liu W, Etschmann B, Mei Y, Testemale D, Guan Q & Brugger J

(2021) An Interactive Atlas of Geochemical Diagrams for Critical Metals
Bastrakov E, Brugger J, Dick J, Guan Q, Liu W, Mei Y & Migdissov A

(2020) Tungsten Speciation in Hydrothermal Ore-Forming Fluids
Mei Y, Liu W, Guan Q, Etschmann B, Brugger J, Wang X-S & Williams-Jones AE

(2020) Experiments or Theory? Aqueous Fluids in the Deep Earth
Brugger J, Etschmann B, Gonzalez C, Guan Q, Mei Y & Raiteri P

(2020) Yttrium Speciation in Sulfate-Rich Hydrothermal Ore-Forming Fluids
Guan Q, Mei Y, Etschmann B, Louvel M & Brugger J

(2019) Speciation of Yttrium in Chloride-Rich Hydrothermal Fluids: Insights from ab Initio Molecular Dynamics Simulations and in situ XAS
Guan Q, Mei Y, Etschmann B & Brugger J

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