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All abstracts by Marty Grove in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) Exploration of More Natural and Efficient Heating of K-Feldspar for 40Ar/39Ar Thermal History Analysis
Grove M, Hourigan J & Lovera O

(2018) Advanced Noble Gas Analytical Systems Control Using Embedded Real-Time Process Hardware and Software
Hourigan J & Grove M

(2018) Generation of Postshield Differentiated Alkalic Lavas at Kohala Volcano, Hawaii
Witter M & Grove M

(2018) Evolution of the Southern Gulf of California: Thermochronology of Rift-Related Extensional Faults
Flores M, Grove M, Kimbrough D, Lonsdale P & Shuster D

(2018) Boron Isotope Constraints Upon Fluid-Rock Interactions Associated with Emplacement of the 1.8–1.1 Ma Geysers Plutonic Complex
Marcaida M, Coble M & Grove M

(2014) Insight into Continental Growth from along-Strike Analysis of the Sierra Nevada-Peninsular Ranges Late Cretaceous Cordilleran Batholith Flare-Up
Kimbrough D & Grove M

(2014) A Multi-Sample Diffusion Cell for Noble Gas Analysis
Hourigan J, Grove M & Peterman E

(2012) Detrital Zircons from the Higo and Abukuma Metamorphic Terranes, Japan: Implication for the Sediment Provenance
Maki K, Fukuyama M, Miyazaki K, Yui T-F, Wang K-L, Usuki T, Hirata T & Grove M

(2010) Linking Temperature to Time in Retrograde Metamorphism: Ti-in-Quartz + Rb/Sr of Muscovite in Preserved Ms + Qtz Symplectite
Peterman E & Grove M

(2010) Assessing the Relationship between Excess Argon Content and Recrystallization of Ultrahigh-Pressure Metamorphic Rocks
Menold C, Grove M & Manning C

(2010) Ar Diffusion in Basaltic Glass and Implications for Thermochronology in Oceanic Ridge Settings
Manganelli S & Grove M

(2009) U-Pb, O, and Ti Zircon Depth Profiling Analyses: Understanding Mid-Crustal Processes
Gordon SM, Grove M, Whitney DL, Schmitt A & Teyssier C

(2006) High resolution SIMS δ18O analyses of Hulu Cave speleothem at the time of Heinrich event 1
Treble PC, Schmidt AK, Edwards RL, McKeegan KD, Harrison TM, Grove M, Chen H & Wang YJ

(2005) Geochronology of the Western Gneiss Region UHP Terrane
Hacker B, Gehrels G, Grove M, Johnston S, Mattinson J, Root D, Walsh E & Young D

(2002) High Resolution Trace Element and Oxygen Isotope Analyses of a Modern Speleothem
Treble P, Harrison TM, Shelley JMG, McKeegan KD, Grove M & McCulloch MT

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