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All abstracts by Christian Dewey in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Molecular Dynamics and Spectroscopic Insights into iron(III) Stabilization of Water-Soluble Polysaccharides
Zarzycki P, Bhattacharyya A, Dewey C, Pett-Ridge J & Nico PS

(2021) Organic Matter Mineralization in Redox-Dynamic Environments: How Does the Redox Reactivity of Particulate Electron Acceptors Affect Microbial Respiration Rates?
Aeppli M, Dewey C & Fendorf S

(2021) Insights into the Role of Lateral Hyporheic Exchange on Biogeochemical Cycling as a Function of Varying Annual Discharge in the East River, CO, USA
Fox PM, Arora B, Anderson C, Beutler C, Carroll RWH, Christensen JN, Dewey C, Dong W, Dwivedi D, Faybishenko B, Fendorf S, Keiluweit M, Malenda H, Newcomer M, Newman AW, Williams KH & Nico PS

(2020) How Does the Redox Reactivity of Iron Minerals Affect Carbon Mineralization in Floodplains?
Aeppli M, Dewey C & Fendorf S

(2020) Mobility, Chemistry, and Prevalence of Shale-Derived Organic Carbon in an Alluvial Floodplain
Fox P, Bill M, Heckman K, Conrad M, Dewey C, Anderson C, Keiluweit M, Fendorf S & Nico P

(2020) Assessing Controls of Carbon and Sulfur Fluxes in High Elevation Floodplain Sediments Under Transient Hydrologic Conditions
Dewey C, Fox P, Dwivedi D, Anderson C, Naughton H, Keiluweit M, Benner S, Nico P & Fendorf S

(2019) Unforeseen Reaction Pathways of U(VI) with Fe(II) Limiting U(IV) Formation
Dewey C, Bargar J & Fendorf S

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