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All abstracts by Daniel Grolimund in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) In situ Detection of Bound Ni-Tetrapyrrole Moieties in ~1 Gyr-Old Eukaryote Microfossil Suggesting its Phototrophy
Sforna MC, Loron CC, Demoulin CF, François C, Cornet Y, Lara YJ, Grolimund D, Ferreira Sanchez D, Medjoubi K, Somogyi A, Addad A, Fadel A, Compère P, Baudet D, Brocks JJ & Javaux EJ

(2021) Integrative Paleontological and Geochemical Study of the Microfossil Polysphaeroides Filiformis and its Implication for Deep Time Cyanobacterial Evolution
Demoulin CF, Sforna MC, Lara YJ, Loron CC, Cornet Y, Tucoulou Tachoueres R, Grolimund D, Ferreira Sanchez D, Addad A, Fadel A, Compère P & Javaux EJ

(2020) Eoarchean Iron Metabolism?
Hassenkam T, Tsai E, Osholm H, Dalby K, Mackenzie D, Holler M, Ferreira D, Grolimund D, Bruns S & Rosing M

(2020) Nickel as Tracer of Oxygenic Phototrophy in the Fossil Record
Sforna MC, Loron CC, Demoulin CF, François C, Cornet Y, Lara YJ, Grolimund D, Sanchez D, Medjoubi K, Somogyi A, Addad A, Fadel A, Compère P & Javaux EJ

(2019) Thallium Redox Speciation in Soil Mn Concretions by X-Ray Imaging
Marafatto FF, Ferreira-Sanchez D, Dähn R, Grolimund D & Voegelin A

(2015) Monitoring the Formation of Ferrian Chromite by µXANES
Gervilla F, Asta MP, Fanlo I, Grolimund D, Colás V, González-Jiménez JM & Kerestedjian TN

(2015) Reactive Transport of Redox-Sensitive Selenium in Geological Media: New Insights from an Inside View
Grolimund D, Frasca B, Leupin OX, Savoye S, Winkel LHE, Curti E, Michelot J-L & Wittebroodt C

(2013) Characterisation of Depleted Uranium Munitions Residues by Synchrotron X-Ray Microanalysis
Crean D, Livens F, Stennett M, Grolimund D, Borca C & Hyatt N

(2009) Contaminant Transport in Complex Heterogeneous Geological Media: New Insights Through Micro-Imaging and Micro-Spectroscopy
Grolimund D, Guenther D, Borca CN, Van Loon L, Stampanoni M, Marone F, Barmettler K, Aeschlimann B, Wersin P & Heald SM

(2004) Metal Speciation in Heterogeneous Waste Repository Materials Using micro-Xrf and micro-XAS
Scheidegger A, Grolimund D, Vespa M, Harfouche M, Wieland E, Dähn R & Cui D

(2004) EXAFS Study of Ni Uptake by Hardened Cement Paste
Vespa M, Wieland E, Dähn R, Grolimund D & Scheidegger A

(2002) Colloid-Facilitated Transport of Pollutants: Phenomena and Modeling
Grolimund D, Barmettler K & Borkovec M

(2002) A Microspectroscopic Study on the Influence of the Inherent Heterogeneity of Waste Repository Materials on Contaminant Uptake
Scheidegger AM, Grolimund D & Chesseman C

(2000) Extreme Geochemistry: Strontium Interactions in Hyper-Alkaline Aluminum and Feldspar Systems
Warner J, Catalano J, Grolimund D, Traina S & Brown Jr. G

(2000) Abiotic Interactions of Aqueous Chromium Ions with Iron Oxide Surfaces
Brown Jr. GE, Chambers SA, Amonette JE, Rustad JR, Kendelewicz T, Doyle CS, Grolimund D, Foster-Mills NS, Joyce SA & Thevuthasan S

(2000) Chemical Behavior of Strontium at the Solid-Liquid Interface of Amorphous Manganese Oxides: A Molecular-Level Study Using EXAFS
Grolimund D, Warner JA, Carrier X & Brown Jr. GE

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