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All abstracts by Mireia Grivé in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2016) ThermAc: A Joint Project on Aquatic Actinide Chemistry and Thermodynamics at Elevated Temperature Conditions
Bosbach D, Altmaier M, Gaona X, Endrizzi F, Brendler V, Steudtner R, Franzen C, Tsushima S, Panak P, Skerencak-Frech A, Hagemann S, Brandt F, Krüger S, Colas E, Grive M, Thoenen T, Kulik D & Finkeldei S

(2015) Modeling Degradation of Cement at Different pCO2 in Flow-Through Conditions
Borkel C, Grivé M & Bruno J

(2013) Assessment of the Evolution of the Redox Conditions in a Low and Intermediate Level Nuclear Waste Repository (SFR1, Sweden)
Duro L, Domènech C, Grivé M, Roman-Ross G, Bruno J & Källström K

(2009) Kinetic Behavior and Redox Buffer Capacity of Pyrrhotite
Grivé M, Clarens F, De Pablo J, Rojo I & Duro L

(2009) Experimetal Study of the System U(VI) – Organic Compounds – H2O as a Function of pH at 25℃, 0.1MPa
Sabater C, Nguyen-Trung C, Grivé M, Pourtier E, Kiprop A, Richard L & Duro L

(2009) Comparison of Iodine and Selenate Retention Mechanisms onto Cementitious Materials
Rojo I, Colàs E, Grivé M, Rovira M & Duro L

(2009) Experimental Studies on Th(OH)4<sub>(am)</sub> Solubility in Presence of ISA, Gluconate or EDTA
Colàs E, Grivé M, Rojo I & Duro L

(2007) Modelling of Radium-Barium Sulphate Co-precipitation in the Near Field of a HLNW Repository
Grivé M, Grandia F, Merino J, Duro L & Bruno J

(2007) Uptake of U(VI) by Hydrated and Degraded Cement
Colas E, Grivé M, Gaona X, Duro L, Rojo I, Rovira M, Martí V & de Pablo J

(2007) The Effect of LMW Organic Ligands on Plutonium and Uranium Solubility Under Hyperalkaline Conditions
Montoya V, Grivé M, Gaona X, Duro L & Giffaut E

(2007) The Building-Up Exercise of a Thermodynamic Data Set on ISA-Actinide System
Gaona X, Montoya V, Colas E, Grivé M, Duro L & Giffaut E

(2004) Radionuclides Sorption onto Mineral Surfaces. The Role of Carbonate as the Linkage between Uranium and Iron Cycling
Grivé M, Duro L, de Pablo J & Bruno J

(2004) Sorption and Reduction of Uranium at the Surface of Anoxically Produced Steel Corrosion Products
Duro L, Rovira M, de Pablo J, El Aamrani S, Grivé M & Bruno J

(2000) Experimental and Modeling Study of the Interaction between Uranium(vi) and Magnetite
El Aamrani F, Casas I, De Pablo J, Duro L, Grivé M & Bruno J

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