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All abstracts by JiuBin Chen in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Marinana Trench Fauna Accumulate Methylmercury Produced in Upper Oceans
Sun R, Yuan J, Sonke J, Zheng W, Meng M, Chen J, Liu Y, Peng X & Liu C

(2020) Globally Enhanced Hg Deposition and Hg Isotopes in the K/Pg and PT Boundaries: Link to Volcanism
Sial A, Chen J, de Lacerda LD, Korte C, Spnagenberg J, Silva-Tamayo JC, Gaucher C, Ferreira V, Barbosa JA, Pereira N & Riedel PR

(2020) Isotopic Compositions of Hg in Cross-Hemisphere Marine Aerosols Reveal Different Hg0 Redox Reactions
David AY, Chen J, Zheng W, Sonke J, Shi G, Cai H, Yuan W & Cartigny P

(2020) Preliminary Study on Gallium (Ga) Isotopes as an Effective Proxy for Weathering Process
Yuan W & Chen J

(2019) Hg Isotopes Reveal Important Contribution of Glacier Melting to Lake Hg Budget on Tibetan Plateau
Liu Y, Chen J & Yuan S

(2019) Cu Isotope Systematics in the Largely Anthropogenically Impacted Pearl River, China
Zhang T, Chen J, Zhang Y & Wang Z

(2019) Mercury Isotopic Composition in the Large Anthropogenically Impacted Pearl River, South China
Zhang Y, Chen J, Wang Z, Yuan S, Yuan W, Zhang T & Liu Y

(2019) Source, Transport and Fluxes of Particulate Organic Carbon in the Yellow River, China
Ke Y, Calmels D, Massault M, Bouchez J, Noret A, Cai H, Chen J, Gaillardet J, Chetelat B & Quantin C

(2019) Was Terrestrial End-Permian Mass Extinction Linked to Explosive Magmatic Arc Volcanism?
Shen S, Zhang H, Rampino MR, Ni P, Chen J, Liu S & Wang R

(2019) Elemental and Isotope Geochemistry of Gallium
Yuan W & Chen J

(2019) How Far Back in Time do River Sediments Integrate the Effects of Weathering?
Bouchez J, Cogez A, Cai H, Ke Y, Chetelat B, Calmels D, Chen J & Gaillardet J

(2019) The Permian‒Triassic Boundary: Insights from Hg Isotopes
Sial A, Chen J, Lacerda LD, Korte C, Spangenberg J, Silva-Tamayo JC, Ferreira V, Barbosa JA & Pereira N

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