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All abstracts by Richard Arculus in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Probing Magma-Mush Reactions in Primitive Arc/Backarc Lavas Using Stable Fe Isotopes
Nebel O, Bénard A, Sossi PA, Brandl P, Whan T & Arculus R

(2022) The Geochemical Origin of Australia’s Only Subaerial OIB
Rogers A, Flanigan M, O'Neill HSC, Nebel-Jacobsen Y, Wang X, Arculus R, Mather B & Nebel O

(2022) Using Platinum-Group Element Geochemistry to Constrain Mid-Ocean Ridge Magmatic Processes
Hao H, Campbell I, Arculus R & Perfit M

(2020) Precious Metals in Mid-Ocean Ridge Chambers: Quantifying the Mass Proportions of Recharge, Eruption and Fractionation
Hao H, Campbell I, Arculus R & Perfit M

(2020) PGE Geochemistry Used to Determine Magma Fertility in Lihir and Feni Islands, Papua New Guinea
Huang Z, Campbell I, Arculus R & Tian W

(2020) Lithospheric Serpentinites Dominate the Global Halogen Cycle
Kendrick M, Danyushevsky L, Falloon T, Arculus R & Woodhead J

(2019) Tracking the Source of Cu, Ag and Au in Intraoceanic Kermadec Arc Glasses, SW Pacific
Timm C, Portnyagin M, De Ronde C, Hannington M, Hoernle K & Arculus R

(2019) Metal Cycling at Subduction Zones – Function of Magma Type, Volatile Load, Redox, Pathways, and Tectonics
Arculus R

(2019) Partial Melting Experiments of CMAS-Cr Spinel-Lherzolite at 3 GPa
Frigo C, O'Neill H, Arculus R & Green E

(2019) Legacy of Subduction Past: Dormant, DupAl Mantle as Sampled by Low-Ca Boninites
Nebel O, Benard A, Nebel-Jacobsen Y, Richter M, Park J-W & Arculus R

(2019) Hybridization-Melting beneath Arcs: Consequences for the Formation of Continental Crust
Bénard A, Müntener O, Nebel O & Arculus R

(2019) Halogens in Subduction Zones and the Earth's Mantle
Kendrick M, Danyushevsky L, Falloon T, Woodhead J, Arculus R & Ireland T

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