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All abstracts by Fidel Grandia in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Seasonal Underground Storage of Green Hydrogen: Feasibility Study in a Saline Aquifer
Sainz Garcia AM, Grandia F & Abarca E

(2021) Weathering of Basaltic Glass Dust in Icelandic Wetlands as a Natural Analogue to Enhanced Rock Weathering (ERW) and Carbon Solubility Storage
Linke T, Nilabh S, Grandia F, Möckel SC, Dideriksen K & Gislason SR

(2020) Dissolution of Basaltic Glass in Natural Wetlands of Iceland
Linke T, Nilabh S, Grandia F & Gislason SR

(2015) Convective Mixing Fingers and Chemistry Interaction in CCS
Sainz Garcia AM, Abarca E, Nardi A & Grandia F

(2013) Gas Discharges for Continental Spain: Geochemical and Isotopic Features
Vaselli O, Nisi B, Tassi F, Darrah T, Bruno J, Elio J, Grandia F & Del Villar LP

(2009) Quantitative Modelling of the Degradation Processes of Cementitious Components
Grandia F, Molinero J, Arcos D & Yamamoto T

(2009) Trace Element Behaviour in Connection to the Geological Storage of CO2. Lessons from Natural Analogues
Bruno J, Grandia F & Vilanova E

(2007) Modelling of Denitrification Plumes Induced by Organic Matter Injection in Aquifers
Grandia F, Domènech C, Jordana S, Coscera G, Arcos D, Duro L, Guimerà J & Bruno J

(2007) Long-Term Geochemical Evolution of the Near Field Repository: Insights from Reactive Transport Modelling and Experimental Evidences
Arcos D, Grandia F, Domènech C, Fernández AM, Villar MV, Muurinen A, Carlsson T, Sellin P & Hernán P

(2007) Modelling of Radium-Barium Sulphate Co-precipitation in the Near Field of a HLNW Repository
Grivé M, Grandia F, Merino J, Duro L & Bruno J

(2005) Reactive Transport Models for Deep Radioactive Waste Disposal
Arcos D, Domènech C & Grandia F

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