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All abstracts by Christopher Gorski in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) Implications of Short-Term Exchange of Foraminiferal Tests for Proxy Application
Fantle M, Chanda P, Gorski C & Oakes R

(2018) Influence of Trace Metals on Dissolution and Fe(II)aq-Promoted Recrystallization of Iron Oxides
Yue P, Cui Y, Gorski C & Larese-Casanova P

(2015) Surface Complexation and Oxidation of Ferrous Iron on Montmorillonites
Soltermann D, Marques Fernandes M, Dähn R, Baeyens B & Gorski C

(2015) Radionuclide-Mineral Redox Interactions: Current Progress and Future Outlook
Gorski C

(2015) Morphological Changes during Fe Atom Exchange Reactions between Goethite and Aqueous Fe(II)
Joshi P & Gorski C

(2014) Fe Atom Exchange between Siderite (FeCO3) and Aqueous Fe(II): Trace Element Effects
Joshi P & Gorski C

(2014) Quantifying Fe Oxide – Aqueous Fe(II) Reduction Potentials Using Mediated Electrochemical Analyses
Edwards R & Gorski C

(2013) Redox Characterization of Fe-Bearing Clay Minerals Using Electrochemical and Spectroscopic Techniques
Gorski C, Klüpfel L, Voegelin A, Sander M & Hofstetter T

(2012) Reactivity of U(VI) with Pure, Oxidized, and Ti-Substituted Magnetites
Latta D, Pearce C, Gorski C, Rosso K, O'Loughlin E, Kemner K, Scherer M & Boyanov M

(2012) Dissimilatory Iron Reduction and the Redox Cycling of Green Rust
O'Loughlin EJ, Boyanov MI, Gorski CA, McCormick ML, Scherer MM & Kemner KM

(2011) An Electrochemical Approach to Determine the Redox Properties of Iron-Bearing Clay Minerals
Gorski C, Sander M, Aeschbacher M, Klüpfel L & Hofstetter T

(2010) Effects of Structural Phosphate on the Microbial Reduction of Iron Oxide and Secondary Mineralization Product Formation and Reactivity
O'Loughlin E, Boyanov M, Cook R, Gorski C, Mishra B, Scherer M & Kemner K

(2010) Fe(II)-Fe(III) Electron Transfer in Fe Oxides and Clays: Implications for Contaminant Transformations
Scherer M, Gorski C, Schaefer M, Latta D, O'Loughlin E, Boyanov M & Kemner K

(2010) Redox Behavior of Nanoscale Fe Oxides: Stable Isotope Investigations
Scherer M, Handler R, Gorski C, Beard B, Johnson C & Rosso K

(2009) A New Conceptual Model for Interpreting the Redox Behavior of Magnetite in Anoxic Environments
Gorski C & Scherer M

(2009) Effects of Oxyanions, Natural Organic Matter, and Fe(III) Oxide Mineralogy on the Formation of Fe(II)-bearing Secondary Mineralization Products Resulting from the Bioreduction of Fe(III) Oxides
O'Loughlin E, Gorski C, Latta D, Boyanov M, Cook R, Scherer M & Kemner K

(2009) Distinct Uranium(IV) Products Result from Uranyl Reduction in Different Ferrous-Ferric Oxyhydroxide Systems
Boyanov M, Latta D, O'Loughlin E, Gorski C, Scherer M & Kemner K

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