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All abstracts by Yuri Gorby in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2014) Bioelectrical Approach for Controlling Mineral Formation in Landfill Leachates
Bohuski M & Gorby Y

(2014) Electric Cable Bacteria in Hudson River Sediments
Gorby Y, Hynes A & Lis L

(2011) Conductive Filaments and Electric Fields Associated with Electric Currents in Marine Sediment
Nielsen LP, Risgaard-Petersen N, Gorby Y, Revil A, Wanger G, El-Naggar M & Yuzvinsky T

(2010) Electronic and Biogeochemical Properties of Bacterial Nanowires
Gorby Y, Wanger G, Yuzvisnki T, Fields M & El-Naggar M

(2010) Can Direct Extracellular Electron Transfer Occur in the Absence of Outer Membrane Cytochromes in Desulfovibrio vulgaris?
Elias D, Zane G, Auer M, Fields M, Wall J & Gorby Y

(2008) Microbial Nanowires and their Possible Role in Metal Oxidation
Gorby Y, Burgos W & Inskeep W

(2007) Bacterial Interactions with Solid Substrates: Applications for Microbial Fuel Cells, Carbonate Surfaces and Metal Oxide Reduction
Bretschger O, Obraztsova A, Sturm C, Zhang L, Gorby Y, Chang IS, Kim BH, Mansfeld F, Nealson K & Luttge A

(2007) Bacterial Nanowires: Extracellular Electron Transfer and Mineral Transformation
Gorby Y

(2005) Display and Retraction of Outer Membrane‚ Cytochromes by Shewanella oneidensis in Response to Electron Acceptor Availability
Gorby Y, Biju V, Pan D, Mclean J, Saffarini D, Fredrickson J & Lu P

(2005) Imaging and Analysis of Biominerals and Nanostructures Associated with Bacterial Membranes
Dohnalkova A, Kennedy D, Marshall M, Gorby Y, Elias D & Fredrickson J

(2005) Modification of Hematite Surfaces during Colonization by a Dissimilatory Fe(III) Reducing Bacterium Under Controlled Hydrodynamic Conditions
Geesey G, Gonzalez-Gil G, Amonette J, Romine M & Gorby Y

(2004) Lipopolysaccharide and Surface Proton Binding Characterization of Shewanella sp
Phoenix V, Korenevsky A, Berveridge T, Gorby Y & Ferris F

(2004) Shewanella’s Surface Physicochemistry and Adhesiveness to FeOxides
Korenevsky A, Gorby Y & Beveridge T

(2002) Regulation and Assembly of Extracellular Polymeric Substances by the Facultative Metal Reducing Bacterium Shewanella oneidensis Strain MR-1
Gorby Y, McLean J, Pinchuk G, Hill E & Dohnalkova A

(2001) Physiological Responses and Environmental Implications of Fe(II)-induced Inhibition of Microbial Iron Reduction
Gorby YA, Liu C, Beveridge TJ, Ferris FG & Zachara JM

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