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All abstracts by Paul Starr in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Calcium Isotopes as Fluid Tracers during Rodingtization
Hostettler E, Barnes JD, Lassiter JC, Satkoski A, Dragovic B, Starr P & Baxter E

(2022) Zoned Garnet Sm-Nd Geochronology with Sub Million Year Age Precision: And So Can You!
Baxter E, Farrell T, Starr P & Harvey K

(2019) Constraints on the P-T Conditions and Timing of Prograde Subduction of the Voltri Ophiolite
Broadwell K, Starr P, Dragovic B, Caddick M, Baxter E & Scambelluri M

(2019) Using Rodingite Dikes to Explore the P-T-T Histories of Subducted Serpentinites
Haws A, Starr P, Baxter E, Dragovic B, Scambelluri M & Belmonte D

(2019) Timing of Subduction and Exhumation of the Voltri Ophiolite: Evaluating Exhumation Mechanisms for HP Massifs
Starr P, Broadwell K, Dragovic B, Scambelluri M, Baxter E & Caddick M

(2018) Comparing Pressure-Temperature-Time Paths Across the Beigua Unit, Voltri Ophiolite: Implications for the Exhumation Mechanisms of HP Massifs
Starr P, Baxter E & Scambelluri M

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