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All abstracts by Christa Gopel in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Th/U Systematics of Allende Chondrules with Implications for the Age of the Solar System
Blichert-Toft J, Göpel C, Chaussidon M & Albarede F

(2018) Thermal History of Asteroids Inferred from Hf-W and Mn-Cr Chronometry
Gopel C, Hellmann JL, Birck J-L & Kleine T

(2017) Chromium Isotopic Homogeneity between the Moon, the Earth, and Enstatite Chondrites
Mougel B, Moynier F & Göpel C

(2017) Mn-Cr Isotope Study of Ordinary Chondrites: New Information Derived from Chromites and Bulk Meteorites
Göpel C, Birck J-L & Galy A

(2016) Cr Isotope Composition of the Earth-Moon-Enstatite Chondrite System
Mougel B, Moynier F & Göpel C

(2015) Chromites of Ordinary Chondrites: Chronological Constraints by the Initial Cr Method and New Oxygen Isotope Data
Göpel C, Birck JL, Assayag N, Cartigny P & Galy A

(2013) Highly Equilibrated Carbonaceous Chondrites
Zipfel J, Barrat J-A, Göpel C & Linnemann U

(2013) The Absolute Cr Isotopic Ratios of the Components of Carbonaceous Chondrites
Birck JL & Göpel C

(2013) 54Cr Isotope Anomalies and Mn/Cr Chronology in Chondrites
Göpel C, Birck J-L, Zipfel J, Galy A & Zanda B

(2012) 54Cr and 17 in Carbonaceous Chondrites and an Old 53Cr/53Mn Age of the Paris Meteorite
Gopel C, Birck J-L, Cartigny P, Assayag N & Zanda B

(2011) Mn/Cr Systematics in Carbonaceous Chondrites: Mineral Isochrons Versus Stepwise Dissolution
Gopel C, Birck JL & Zanda B

(2010) Mn/Cr Systematics: A Tool to Discriminate the Origin of Primitive Meteorites?
Göpel C & Birck J-L

(2009) U-Pb Systematics of the Acapulco Meteorite: Primordial and Recently Mobilized Pb
Gopel C & Manhes G

(2009) Himalayas Uplift and Indonesian Island Arcs Activity Recorded in the Equatorial Indian Ocean Water: Pb and Nd Isotope Stratigraphy
Meynadier L, Allègre CJ, Gourlan AT, Göpel C, Louvat P & Limmois D

(2008) Core Formation of the Earth: A Coherent View from Short- Lived and Long-Lived Radioactivities
Gopel C, Manhes G & Allègre C

(2007) Mass-Independant Fractionationation during Tims Measurements: Evidence of Nuclear Shift Effect ?
Manhes G & Göpel C

(2007) Open System Behaviour and Early Chronologies in the Solar System
Allegre CJ, Göpel C, Manhes G & Moreira M

(2000) U/Pb Study of Feldspars: Constrains on the Initial Pb of Equilibrated Meteorites
Göpel C & Manhès G

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