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All abstracts by Mario Goncalves in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2017) Searching for Concealed Deposits: Why Metallogenic Models Still Matter
Goncalves M & Mateus A

(2017) Trace Elements as Indicators of Mineral-Fluid Interaction in the Dedolomitization of Carbonate Rocks
Vuckovic M, Barrulas P, Goncalves M, Mirao J, Azeredo A & Mateus A

(2016) Cation Replacement Mechanisms in Uranyl Phosphates and Development of Weathering Profiles
Goncalves M & Pinto A

(2015) Heavy Metal Asdorption and Transport at Clay Minerals – Water Interfaces Using Atomistic Simulations
Molinari M, Martins D, Zhu R, Gonçalves M & Parker S

(2012) Computational Study of the most Stable Pyrophyllite Edge Surfaces for Metal Adsorption
Martins DMS, Goncalves MA, Mirao J & Parker SC

(2012) Enhanced Metal Release from Acid Mine Drainage Sediments due to the Interaction with Municipal Waste Water
Goncalves M, Waerenborgh J, Maia F, Pinto C, Prazeres C & Serio S

(2011) (Ba, Cu)(UO2)2(PO4)2.nH2O Solid Solution Occurences from an Uranyl-Phosphate Deposit in Portugal
Pinto A, Gonçalves M, Prazeres C & Batista MJ

(2011) Adsorption Behaviour of Copper in Natural Composite Sedimentary Materials
Maia F & Gonçalves M

(2011) Stability of Cu Adsorbed onto Clay Surfaces: An Experimental and Computational Study
Goncalves M, Martins D & Parker S

(2009) Stability of Adsorbed Cu onto Illite from Kinetic Desorption Rate Data: Influence of pH, Ionic Strength, and Organic Ligands
Goncalves M

(2008) Dual Open-Boundary Cellular Automaton Model of Oscillatory Zoning in Solid Solution – Aqueous Solution Systems
Goncalves M & Prieto M

(2007) Biogeochemical and Mineralogical Characteristics of the Acid Mine Drainage System in Aljustrel and S. Domingos Mines, Iberian Pyrite Belt
Goncalves M, Figueiras J, Pinto C, Neng N, Pereira P & Batista M

(2007) Sequential Metal Extraction Procedure as Applied to Sediments in Acid Mine Drainage Environments (Aljustrel, Portugal)
Pinto C, Goncalves M & Neng N

(2007) Earth's Mantle Th/U and U/Pb Evolution in the Archean
Mata J, Kerrich R & Gonçalves M

(2005) Adsorption of Cu onto Illite Surfaces: The Effects of Ionic Strength and Organic Acids
Goncalves M & Figueiras J

(2004) Cu Adsorption Kinetics onto Illite Surfaces: A Flow-Through Reactor Study
Goncalves M & Figueiras J

(2002) Metal and Micro-Organic Pollutant Partitioning between Sediments and Waste Waters from a Landfill
Goncalves M, Nogueira JM, Putnis C & Figueiras J

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