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All abstracts by Julio Goncalves in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2017) Transfer Times in the CZ in Sahelian Catchment from Extensive 36Cl Data
Bouchez C, Deschamps P, Goncalves J, Hamelin B, Mahamat Nour A, Vallet-Coulomb C, Doumnang J-C & Sylvestre F

(2017) Groundwater Ages of Saharan and Sahelian Aquifers: The 36Cl Perspective
Deschamps P, Hamelin B, Bouchez C, Hadj Ammar F, Mahamat Nour A, Petersen J, Poulin C, Goncalves J & Vallet-Coulomb C

(2014) Assessing Groundwater Dynamics in the Multi-Layer Aquifer of the Lake Chad Basin Using 36Cl and 14C Data
Bouchez C, Deschamps P, Goncalves J, Hamelin B, Seidel J-L, Doumnang J-C & Sylvestre F

(2012) Multi Tracer Study (36Cl, 234U/238U, 14C) of the Tunisian Continental Intercalaire: Inferring Recharge Areas and Groundwater Ages
Petersen JO, Deschamps P, Hamelin B, Goncalves J, Massault M, Michelot J-L & Zouari K

(2011) Investigation of 36Cl Distribution in the North-Western Sahara Aquifer System
Petersen J, Hadj Ammar F, Deschamps P, Hamelin B, Goncalves J, Zouari K, Guendouz A & Michelot J-L

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