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All abstracts by Bonnie McDevitt in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Radium Mineral Associations within Abandoned Mine Drainages and Treatment Systems with Perspective to the Future of Rare Earth Element Extraction
McDevitt B, Cravotta CA, McAleer RJ, Jackson J & Warner N

(2022) Dissolved Organic Matter Fluorescence within Oil and Gas Produced Water from U.S. Unconventional Petroleum Plays: Comparisons and Consequences for Beneficial Reuse
McDevitt B, Jubb AM, Varonka M, Hackley PC, Blondes M, Engle M, Gallegos T & Shelton J

(2022) Evaluating Environmental Impacts of Beneficial Use of Oil and Gas Wastewater with Radium and Strontium Isotopic Tracers
Warner N, Pankratz K & McDevitt B

(2021) Optimizing Radium Removal from Produced Water Utilizing the Sr/Ba Molar Ratio and Precipitate Seeding
McDevitt B, Gallegos T, Blondes M, Shelton J, McAleer R, Valentine B, Varonka M, Jolly G, Jubb AM, Jackson J & Chenault J

(2020) Freshwater Mussel Soft Tissue Incorporates Strontium and Radium Isotopic Signatures of O&G Produced Water
McDevitt B, Geeza T & Warner N

(2019) Tracking Oil and Gas Isotopic Signatures in Freshwater Bivalves
Warner N, Piotrowski P, Dorman F, Geeza T, McDevitt B, Tasker T & Gillikin D

(2019) Salinization and Radium Accumulation Assessment of Produced Water Beneficial Use in Western US Streams
McDevitt B, McLaughlin M, Blotevogel J, Borch T & Warner N

(2018) Field Assessment and Modelling of Radium Co-precipitation in Western US Produced Water Streams
McDevitt B, Cravotta C, McLaughlin M, Blotevogel J, Borch T & Warner N

(2018) Strontium, Barium, and Radium as Tracers of Oil and Gas Contaminant Accumulation in Biota and Sediment
Warner N, Geeza T, Van Sice K, McDevitt B & Gillikin D

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