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All abstracts by Kate Maher in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Mapping Contaminant Distributions and Sources Across Heterogeneous Landscapes Through Remotely Sensed Metal Bioaccumulation
Grant K, Chadwick KD, Brodrick PG, West J, Lawrence C, Falco N & Maher K

(2020) Shifts in Base Cation Sources Across an Incipient, Volcanic Soil Chrono-Climosequence
Bingham N, Lincoln N, Maher K & Chadwick O

(2019) Fluid-Mineral-Organic Interactions and Contaminant Release in Shale Reservoirs
Harrison A, Li Q, Jew A, Dustin M, Kiss A, Thomas D, Joe-wong C, Bargar J, Brown G & Maher K

(2019) Why Would Plants Accelerate Weathering? An Eco-Geochemical Model
Maher K & von Blanckenburg F

(2019) Soil Gas Controls on Coupled Pyrite-Carbonate Weathering Dynamics and Carbon Fluxes
Winnick M & Maher K

(2018) Modeling Terrestrial δ18O Gradients in Lowland and Mountain Environments
Kukla T, Winnick M, Maher K, Ibarra D & Chamberlain CP

(2018) A Reactive Transport Model for Heterotrophic Respiration in Soil Profiles Constrained with Laboratory Incubations Using Multiple Pulse Wetting Events
Liu Y, Lawrence C, Winnick M, Hsu H-T, Maher K & Druhan J

(2018) Thermodynamic Controls on Kinetic Stable Isotope Fractionation: Chromium(VI) Reduction by Iron(II)
Joe-Wong C, Weaver K, Brown S & Maher K

(2018) A Field Guide to Experimenting with Biogeochemical Models
Maher K

(2018) Does Nutrient Demand Control Rock Weathering? A Model Analysis
Maher K & von Blanckenburg F

(2018) The Lithium Isotope ‘Croissant’ from a Reactive Transport Perspective
Winnick M & Maher K

(2018) Microbial Energetics, Carbon, and the Progression of Redox Reactions in Flooded Soils
Boye K, Herrmann A, Bobb C, Tolar B, Noel V, Bargar J, Maher K & Fendorf S

(2018) Hydrologic and Thermodynamic Drivers Seasonally Shift Floodplain Soils between Two Redox States
Bobb C, Boye K, Tolar B, Bargar JR & Maher K

(2018) Effects of Nickel Limitation on Carbon and Hydrogen Isotope Fractionation by Methylotrophic Methanogens
Rosen V, Stolper D, Conrad M, Bird D & Maher K

(2018) Modeling Insights into Uranium Accumulation and Isotopic Fractionation during Early Diagenesis of Marine Sediments
Lau K, Lyons T & Maher K

(2018) Mineral Surface Controls on Cr(VI) Reduction by Sorbed Fe(II)
Nelson J, Joe-Wong C & Maher K

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