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All abstracts by Suzanne D Golding in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Trace Metal Mobility during CO2-SO2-NO-O2 Storage
Kirste D, Pearce JK, Dawson G & Golding SD

(2017) Great Artesian Basin Authigenic Carbonates as Natural Analogues for Mineralisation Trapping
Golding S, Dawson G, Pearce J, Mernagh T, Boreham C & Hall L

(2017) Predicting Metal Mobilisation during CO2 Storage: The Role of Synchrotron XFM
Pearce J, Dawson G, Southam G, Patterson D & Golding S

(2017) Reactive Transport Modelling Predicting Trace Metal Mobility during CO2-SO2-O2 Storage
Kirste D, Pearce J & Golding S

(2017) Microbial and Hydrogeological Controls on the Origin and Evolution of Coal Seam Gases and Production Waters of the Surat Basin, Australia
Baublys K, Hamilton S, Golding S, Hofmann H & Vink S

(2016) Effect of Bituminous Coal on Methanogenesis
Raudsepp M, Gagen E, Tyson G, Golding S & Southam G

(2016) Reaction of SO2 and SO2 with O2 after Dissolution during Benchtop Experiments of CO2 Storage at Elevated Temperature and Pressure
Kirste D, Pearce J & Golding S

(2016) Metal and Metalloid Mobilisation and Sequestration during CO2-SO2 and CO2-SO2-O2 Reaction of Reservoir and Cap-Rock Cores
Pearce J, Dawson G, Golding S & Kirste D

(2016) Carbonate Mineralised Fractures and Sandstones of the Eromanga and Surat Basins
Dawson G, Golding S, Mernagh T, Nguyen A, Feng Y, Farrajota F & Boreham C

(2016) Organic Components and Thermal Maturation in the 1.64 Ga Barney Creek Formation, McArthur Basin
Rodrigues S, Golding S, Bluett J, Titus L & Ferguson B

(2015) Potential Source of Fracture Calcite and Associated Sulfide Mineralisation in a Surat Basin Coal Mine
Dawson G, Mernagh T, Golding S, Ye X, Baltruweit D & Esterle J

(2015) Geochemical CO2-SO2-O2-fluid-Rock Interactions
Pearce J, Dawson G, Golab A, Knuefing L & Golding S

(2015) Geochemical and Geomechanical Testing of Samples from a Potential Surat Basin CO2 Sequestration Site
Golding SD, Dawson GKW, Rudolph V, Gao J, Xing H, Khan C, Li Q, Pearce JK, Law ACK, Keck R, Watson A, Jiang X & Biddle D

(2015) Reactive Transport Modelling of CO2 with SO2 and O2 as Impurities for Geological Storage: Upscaling from the Benchtop to the Reservoir
Kirste D, Pearce J, Golding S & Frank A

(2015) Biogenic Methane Cycling in a Laboratory Model of an Abandoned Bituminous Coal Mine
Raudsepp M, Tyson G, Golding S & Southam G

(2014) The Importance of Coal Associated Microbes in Coal-To-Methane Consortia
Papendick S, Robbins S, Tyson G, Hamilton S, Golding S & Gilcrease P

(2014) Biogenic Methane Potential of Bowen Basin, Queensland Coal Preparation Plant Rejects
Lane S, Zheng H, Evans P, Rudolph V, Golding S & Gilcrease P

(2013) Future Gas Through Bioconversion of Stranded Coals
Golding S, Hamilton S, Baublys K, Esterle J, Tyson G, Robbins S, Rudolph V, Zheng H, Gilcrease P & Papendick S

(2013) Crustal Evolution of the Intracontinental Warburton–Cooper–Eromanga Basin System, Central Australia
Middleton A, Uysal T & Golding S

(2013) Reaction Path Geochemical Modelling of CO2-SO2-Water-Rock Experiments
Kirste D, Pearce J, Golding S & Frank A

(2013) SO2 and O2 Co-injection with Potential Carbon Storage Target Sandstone from a Fresh-Water Aquifer
Pearce J, Dawson G, Farquhar S & Golding S

(2013) Berea Sandstone Permeability Pre and Post Reaction with Supercritical CO2 in 1% NaCl Brine
Dawson G, Biddle D, Khan C, Jiang X, Golding S & Rudolph V

(2013) Experimental Investigation of CO2-Water-Rock Interactions Under Simulated Fresh-Water Aquifer Conditions
Farquhar S, Dawson G, Pearce J & Golding S

(2012) Synchysite: Implications for Titanite Destabilisation and Differential REE, Y and Th Mobility in the Soultz Monzogranite
Middleton A, Foerster H-J, Uysal T & Golding S

(2012) Mineral, Fluid and Gas Interactions Under CO2 Storage Conditions – The Role of SO2, NOX, and O2
Pearce J, Biddle D, Golding S, Rudolph V & Kirste D

(2011) Metasomatic Accessory Phases in High Heat-Producing Felsic Igneous Rocks
Middleton A, Golding S & Uysal T

(2011) The First Multiple Sulfur Isotope Evidence for a 2.9 Ga Mesoarchean Sulfate Reservoir
Barley M, Golding S, Heggie G & Fiorentini M

(2010) Biogenic Methane Potential for Surat Basin, Queensland Coal Seams
Gilcrease P, Papendick S, Downs K, Massarotto P & Golding S

(2009) Experimental Supercritical CO2 and Water Interactions with Carboniferous Coal, Germany
Dawson G, Golding S, Bae J-S, Biddle D & Massarotto P

(2009) Sulfur and Carbon Cycling in the Late Archean Hamersley Basin
Partridge M, Golding S, Baublys K & Young E

(2009) Natural Analogues for Storage of CO2 in Coal Systems, Gunnedah and Bowen Basins, Australia
Golding SD, Uysal IT, Feng Y-X, Baublys KA & Esterle JS

(2007) Multiple Redox States in the Archean-Proterozoic Hydrosphere
Partridge M, Golding S, Baublys K & Young E

(2007) Experimental CO2 and Water Interactions with Permian Coals of Queensland, Australia
Golding S, Massarotto P, Iyer R, Baublys K & Rudolph V

(2006) Multiple sulfur isotope constraints on microbial processes in Archaean seafloor environments
Golding S, Young E, Duck L, Baublys K & Glikson M

(2005) Multiple Sulfur Isotope Evidence for Dual Sulfur Sources in the 3.24<!s><$>Ga Sulphur Springs VHMS Deposit
Golding S & Young E

(2005) Early Archaean Carbonaceous Material from the Pilbara, Western Australia: Its Nature, Characteristics and Possible Sources
Duck LJ, Glikson M, Golding S & Webb R

(2004) Origin of Organic Matter in the 2.5 Ga Mt McRae Shale, Hamersley Basin, Western Australia
Golding S, Glikson M & Glikson A

(2004) Combined 34S/33S/32S, Pb-Isotope and Trace Element Data for a Pyritic Banded-Iron Formation from the 3.71 Ga Isua Greenstone Belt
Young E, Kamber B, Baublys K & Golding S

(2004) Characteristics of Organic Matter in Sediments from the 3.24 Ga Sulphur Springs VHMS Deposit, Western Australia
Duck L, Glikson M, Golding S & Webb R

(2002) Stable Isotope Geochemistry of Impact Related Alteration Phases from the Woodleigh Impact Structure, Western Australia
Golding SD, Uysal IT, Baublys KA, Glikson AY & Mory AJ

(2001) Stable Isotopic Studies and Isotopic Dating of Impact Related Alteration Minerals, Woodleigh Impact Structure, Carnarvon Basin, Western Australia
Golding SD, Uysal IT, Glikson AY, Mory AJ, Baublys KA & Glikson M

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