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All abstracts by Gregor Golabek in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2017) Generation of Archean TTG Rocks: Numerical Simulations of Thermo-Compositional Mantle Convection
Rozel A, Golabek G, Gerya T, Jain C & Tackley P

(2017) Combining W and Pt Isotopes with Thermal Modelling to Determine the Evolution of the IAB Parent Asteroid
Hunt AC, Cook DL, Lichtenberg T, Reger PM, Ek M, Golabek GJ & Schönbächler M

(2016) Early Evolution and Dynamics of the Moon from a Molten Initial Stage
Lourenço DL, Tackley PJ, Liebske C, Golabek GJ & Fernandes VA

(2016) Galactic Chemical Evolution Models and the Geophysical Nature of Cosmochemically Earth-Like Planets
Mojzsis S, Meyer B, Harrison TM, Frost D, Rubie D, Golabek G, Tackley P & Hernlund J

(2016) Evolutionary Models of the Earth with a Grain Size-Dependent Rheology: Diffusion vs Dislocation Creep
Rozel AB, Golabek GJ, Thielmann M & Tackley PJ

(2014) Towards Coupled Giant Impact and Long Term Interior Evolution Models
Golabek G, Jutzi M, Gerya T & Asphaug E

(2009) Towards Self-Consistent Modelling of the Martian Dichotomy: Coupled Models of Simultaneous Core and Crust Formation
Golabek G, Keller T, Gerya T & Connolly J

(2007) Earth's Core Formation Aided by Flow Channelling Induced by Rayleigh-Taylor Instabilities
Golabek G & Schmeling H

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