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All abstracts by Kang-Jun Huang in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Intensified Bioavailable Phosphorus Flux Induced by the Terrestrial Ecosystem Collapse during the End-Permian Mass Extinction
Ju P, Chu D, Hao J, Han Y & Huang K-J

(2023) Environmental Stabilisation and Biological Diversification in the Aftermath of the Sturtian Snowball Glaciation
Bowyer F, Krause AJ, Song Y, Huang K-J, Fu Y, Shen B, Li J, Zhu X, Kipp MA, van Maldegem LM, Brocks JJ, Shields GA, Le Hir G, Mills BJW & Poulton SW

(2022) Magnesium Isotopic Evidence for Staged Enhancement of the East Asian Summer Monsoon Precipitation Since the Miocene
Ma L & Huang K-J

(2020) The Coupling of Marine Sulfur and Iron Cycle in the Wake of Marinoan Snowball Earth
Shen B, Wang R, Fu B, Huang K & Lang X

(2020) Magnesium Isotope Behaviors during Authigenic Carbonate Precipitation Driven by Anaerobic Methane Oxidation
Meng Z, Feng D, Zheng X & Huang K

(2020) The Reversed Redox Zonation in the Early Cambrian Ocean: The Isotope Evidence from Pyritized Sponge Spicules
Liu Y, Wang R, Ding W, Lang X, Huang K & Shen B

(2020) The Delay Appearance of Cambrian Explosion Linked to Marine N2O Production
Wang Z & Huang K

(2020) Climate Forcing the Evolution of East Asian Summer Monsoon Precipitation Since the Miocene Evidenced by Mg Isotopes in Chinese Loess Deposits
Ma L, Sun Y, Jin Z & Huang K-J

(2020) Widespread Marine Dolomite Precipitation Reveals an Anoxic, High Mg/Ca Neoproterozoic Ocean?
Zhang P, Luo M, Cai Y-P & Huang K-J

(2019) Tracking the Metabolic Pathways by in situ Iron and Sulphur Isotope Analyses of Sedimentary Pyrite
Wang R, Shen B, Lang X & Huang K

(2019) Constraints on the Global Mg Cycle from Mg Isotopic Composition of Altered Oceanic Crust
Huang K-J, Teng F-Z, Plank T, Staudigel H, Hu Y & Bao Z-Y

(2019) The Behaviour of Mg Isotopes during Brine Evaporation and its Implications on Ancient Seawater Chemistry
Zhang P, Huang K-J & Luo C-G

(2018) Intense Chemical Weathering during Early Triassic Revealed by Mg Isotopes
Chen X-Y, Teng F-Z, Huang K-J & Algeo T

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