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All abstracts by Sarah A. Gleeson in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Tracking the Evolution of the “Tin Corridor” at the Neves Corvo Deposit (Iberian Pyrite Belt) Through Metasomatism of Phosphate Minerals
Codeço MS, Gleeson SA, Relvas JMRS, Wilke FDH, Schleicher A, Stammeier JA, Barrote V, Harlov DE, Schmidt C & Weis P

(2021) In situ Pyrite Chemistry from the Mid-Proterozoic Barney Creek Formation and Teena Zn Deposit
Magnall J, Oelze M, Hayward N & Gleeson SA

(2021) Laser Ablation Split Stream for in situ Sulfur Isotope and Elemental Analysis
Oelze M, Frick DA & Gleeson SA

(2021) Critical Raw Materials in VMS Deposits
Wohlgemuth-Ueberwasser CC, Oelze M, Wilke F, Fietzke J, Frische M & Gleeson SA

(2018) Differentiating between Euxinic and Diagenetic Pyrite in the Barney Creek Formation – Implications for Ore Formation in the Teena Sub-Basin, Australia
Magnall J, Gleeson S, Rocholl A & Hayward N

(2018) Sources of S in the Paleoproterozoic Urquhart Shale Hosted George Fisher Zn-Pb-Ag Deposit, Mt Isa, Australia
Rieger P, Magnall JM, Gleeson SA, Rocholl A & Lilly R

(2018) Coupled Au and As Partitioning between Hydrothermal Fluid and Pyrite
Kusebauch C, Gleeson SA & Oelze M

(2017) Experimental Replacement of Siderite by Iron-Sulfides
Kusebauch C & Gleeson S

(2015) Pyrite Re-Os Geochronology: Lessons from the Irish Orefield
Hnatyshin D, Creaser R, Wilkinson J, Stern R & Gleeson S

(2015) Paragenesis of the Anarraaq Deposit in the Red Dog Zn-Pb-Ag±Ba District, Northwestern Alaska, USA
Reynolds M, Gleeson S & Stern R

(2015) Diagenetic H2S Production Provides a Metal Trap in Carbonaceous Mudstones – In situ Microanalysis of δ34S Values in Pyrite and Barite
Magnall J, Gleeson S, Stern R & Paradis S

(2014) Tracing Seawater Evaporation and Evaporite Formation in the Zambian Copperbelt; Evidence from Fluid Inclusion, Crush-Leach Halogen and Stable Isotope Analyses
Roberts S, Nowecki J, Gleeson S & Boyce A

(2012) Oxidation of Black Shales as a Source of Re-Os Ratios in Epigenetic Pyrite: A Case Study from MacMillan Pass, Yukon, Canada
Fernandes NA, Gleeson SA & Creaser RA

(2012) The Halogen Composition of Hydrothermal Fluids in the Taupo Volcanic Zone, New Zealand
Bernal NF, Gleeson SA & Hoskin P

(2008) The Genesis of the Gayna River Carbonate-Hosted Zn-Pb Deposit, Northwest Territories
Wallace SRB, Gleeson SA & Sharp RJ

(2008) The Structurally Controlled Zn-Pb-Ag Blende Deposit, Yukon, Canada: Geochemical Constraints on Sulphide Mineralization
Moroskat M, Gleeson SA & Sharp RJ

(2005) The Relationship between Alumimium Contents and Cathodoluminescence in Hydrothermal Quartz Veins
Gleeson S & Ickert R

(2004) Is There a Genetic Link between Iron Oxide-Apatite and Cu Deposits, Norbotten, Sweden?
Gleeson S, Smith M & Storey C

(2000) Fluid Inclusion *D in Quartz Does Not Always Indicate the Source of Palaeo-Hydrothermal Fluids
Gleeson S, Grant K & Roberts S

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