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All abstracts by Gregory Dipple in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Advances in Monitoring Carbon Dioxide Exchange between the Atmosphere and Mine Waste Derived from Ultramafic-Hosted Mineral Deposits; A Pilot Study at Cassiar, B.C
Jones FA, Doucet A, Ladd B, Mayer KU, Black A & Dipple G

(2022) Carbon Dioxide Injection into Processed Kimberlite at the Metre Scale and Beyond
Wynands E, Alban E & Dipple G

(2022) Characterizing Cation Release for Assessing Carbon Capture and Storage Reactivity of Ultramafic Mine Tailings
Lu X & Dipple G

(2022) Measuring CO2 Exchange over the Hydromagnesite-Magnesite Playas in Atlin, B.C
Doucet A, Jones FA, Ladd B, Black A, Dipple G & Mayer KU

(2022) A New Method for Rapid Characterization of Carbon Sequestration Potential Using Thermogravimetric Analysis
Turvey C, Wynands E & Dipple G

(2021) Mineral Carbonation at Venetia and Gahcho Kué Diamond Mines: Characterization of the Highly Reactive Clay Fraction
Zeyen N, Wang B, Wilson S, Paulo C, Stubbs AR, Power IM, Turvey C & Dipple G

(2021) Mechanisms Controlling the Mg Isotope Composition of Hydromagnesite-Magnesite Playas Near Atlin, British Columbia, Canada
Mavromatis V, Power IM, Harrison A, Beinlich A, Dipple G & Bénézeth P

(2020) Characterization of Ultramafic Mine Tailings Reactivity for Carbon Capture, and Storage
Lu X, Dipple G & Turvey C

(2020) Carbon Mineralization in Ultramafic Mine Tailings: A Pathway to Negative Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Dipple G, Lu X, Vanderzee S, Wynands E, Baidya D, Ghoreishi-Madiseh SA & Cutts J

(2020) Field Protocols for Measuring Rates of CO2 Influx into Ultramafic Rocks: A Case Study at the Sumas Landslide, WA, US
Jones F, Doucet A-M, Black A, Dipple G, Mayer U & Vanderzee S

(2020) Enhancing Passive Atmospheric CO2 Sequestration and Tailings Stabilization by Ultramafic Mine Waste Aeration
Vanderzee S, Dipple G, Mayer KU & Bradshaw PMD

(2020) Mapping Carbon Sequestration Potential of Ultramafic Rocks with Remotely-Sensed Physical Properties
Cutts J, Dipple G, Mitchinson D, Fournier D, Milidragovic D & Hart C

(2020) Pilot Scale Demonstration of Carbon Mineralization in Processed Kimberlite
Wynands E, Alban E, Dipple G, Shaw A & McLean S

(2020) Serpentinization of Ophiolitic Rocks, Cache Creek Terrane, British Columbia: Implications for Carbon Sequestration and Nickel Recovery
Steinthorsdottir K, Cutts J, Turvey C, Dipple G, Bradshaw P, Milidragovic D & Peacock S

(2019) Characterization of Ultramafic Mine Tailings Reactivity for Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage
Lu X, Dipple G & Turvey C

(2018) Tracing Cation and Anion Exchange in Hydrotalcite Minerals Using Stable C, O and Mg Isotopes
Turvey C, Wilson S, Hamilton J, Beinlich A, Dipple G & Frierdich A

(2018) Natural Carbonate Precipitation Rates from Bomb-Pulse Radiocarbon Dating
Smith M, Finstad K, Dipple G, Beaudoin G, Marks N, Ryerson F & Aines R

(2018) Magnesite Formation at Earth’s Surface
Power I, Harrison A, Kenward P, Dipple G & Wilson S

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