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All abstracts by Murray Gingras in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2012) First Record of Ediacaran Iron Formations: Origin and Paleoenvironmental Significance
Pecoits E, Aubet N, Gingras M, Poulton S, Bekker A, Veroslavsky G & Konhauser K

(2012) Geochemical and Textural Characterization of Fresh Water Microbialites of Laguna, Bacalar, Mexico
Castro-Contreras S, Pecoits E, Aubet N, Petrash D, Gingras M & Konhauser K

(2011) Mn(IV) Reduction: A Driving Mechanism for Mg2+ -Enrichment in Shallow Marine Carbonates?
Petrash D, Lalonde S, Gingras M & Konhauser K

(2010) Microbially-Catalyzed Cementation of Modern Gypsum-Dominated Thrombolites
Petrash D, Lalonde S, Pecoits E, Gingras M & Konhauser K

(2007) Ni Signatures from the Dales Gorge Member of the Hamersley Group, Australia: Constraints on the Origin of Banded Iron Formations
Pecoits E, Gingras M & Konhauser K

(2005) Wide Range of Infaunal Animal Behaviors Means the Geochemical Impacts of Sediment-Animal Interactions are Extremely Variable
Gingras M

(2005) Microscale Oxygen Distribution in Invertebrate Burrows from Willapa Bay, Washington
Zorn M, Lalonde S, Gingras M & Konhauser K

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