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All abstracts by Thomas Gimmi in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Evolution of Mineralogy and Porosity of Cement-Clay Interfaces
Luraschi P & Gimmi T

(2019) The Ionic Strength – EDL Effect on Diffusion in Clay. Modeling an in situ Experiment at Mont Terri
Soler J, Steefel C, Gimmi T, Leupin O & Cloet V

(2019) Modelling Diffusion of Sorbing Cations in Opalinus Clay
Krejci P, Gimmi T & Van Loon L

(2019) Long-Term Evolution of Porosity and Mineralogy at Cement-Clay Interfaces
Luraschi P & Gimmi T

(2016) Anion Diffusion (36Cl) in Clay Rocks with Different Cations (Na, Ca & Cs)
Wigger C, Van Loon LR & Gimmi T

(2016) Implementing an Explicit Diffuse Layer in Reactive Transport Simulations by Using the Nernst-Planck Equation
Alt-Epping P, Gimmi T, Wersin P & Jenni A

(2015) Modeling the DR-A in situ Diffusion Experiment (Opalinus Clay): Ionic Strength Effects on Solute Transport
Soler J, Steefel C, Leupin O & Gimmi T

(2015) Pore Size Distribution Measurements in Low Porosity Argillaceous Rocks
Wigger C, Van Loon L & Gimmi T

(2013) Perturbing a Field Diffusion Experiment: First Results of the DR-A Test in the Mont Terri Rock Laboratory (Switzerland)
Gimmi T, Leupin OX, Soler JM & Van Loon LR

(2011) Two Step Up-Scaling of Molecular Diffusion Coefficients in Clays
Churakov S, Gimmi T & Tyagi M

(2009) Reactive Transport Modelling of a Long-Term Core Infiltration Experiment with Claystone
Mäder U & Gimmi T

(2008) Diffusion and Retention Experiment in Clay Formation: An International Field, Lab and Modelling Exercise
Leupin OX, Dewonck S, Savoye S, Wersin P, Van Loon LR, Gimmi T, Samper J, Soler JM, Eikenberg J & Bayens B

(2007) Large-Scale Matrix Diffusion in Crystalline Rocks Revealed by Natural Cl, δ18O and δ2H Tracers in Pore Water
Waber N, Gimmi T & Smellie J

(2005) In situ Diffusion at Mont Terri URL
Soler J, Gimmi T, Cartalade A, Wersin P & Van loon L

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