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All abstracts by Philippe Gillet in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Investigating Magma Ocean Solidification on Earth Through Laser-Heated Diamond Anvil Cell Experiments
Badro J, Boukaré C-E, Nabiei F, Gillet P, Hébert C, Wehr N & Borensztajn S

(2016) Shock Deformation of Major and Accessory Minerals in an Unbrecciated Lunar Basalt
Vonlanthen P, Kaczmarek M-A & Gillet P

(2015) NanoSIMS Analysis of C-Grains from Martian Meteorite NWA 6162
Lin Y, El Goresy A, Zhang J, Miyahara M, Hao J, Zhang M, Ohtani E & Gillet P

(2015) Electronic Properties of Iron in Silicate Glasses in the Lower Mantle
Dorfman SM, Potapkin V, Chumakov AI, Rueff J-P, Duffy TS, McCammon CA & Gillet P

(2013) Organic Carbon from the Tissint Martian Meteorite: Hints for Biogenic Origin
Lin Y, El Goresy A, Hu S, Zhang J, Gillet P, Xu Y, Hao J, Miyahara M, Ouyang Z, Ohtani E, Xu L, Yang W, Feng L, Zhao X, Yang J & Ozawa S

(2011) Oxygen and Silicon Partitioning between Molten Iron and Silicate Melts up to 70 GPa and 4000 K
Ricolleau A, Badro J, Siebert J, Antonangeli D, Cantoni M, Hebert C, Alexander D & Gillet P

(2007) High-Pressure Mineral Inventory in the Ries Crater, Germany: A Window to Phase Transformation Processes in Planetary Interiors
El Goresy A, Gillet P & Dubrovinsky L

(2007) Potassium Content in the Earth's Core: A High-Pressure and High Temperature Study of the Fe-K System
Fiquet G, Coltice N, Guyot F & Gillet P

(2004) Li Isotopic Study of Martian Meteorites
Beck P, Barrat J, Chaussidon M, Gillet P & Bohn M

(2004) Olivine Surface Dissolution with Escherichia Coli Cells
Garcia B, Lemelle L, Perriat P, Tillement O & Gillet P

(2004) From Hard to Soft Matter Using SR X-Ray Micro-Imaging
Simionovici A, Lemelle L, Golosio B, Chukalina M, El Goresy A, Daniel I, Oger P & Gillet P

(2002) An in situ Experimental Study of the Bacterial Colonization and Weathering of Silicate Surfaces
Lemelle L, Oger P, Simionovici A, Lesourd M & Gillet P

(2002) High-Pressure Silicates in Martian Meteorites
Beck P, Gillet P, Barrat J-A, Jambon A & El Goresy A

(2000) Interactions of Bacteria with Silicate Surfaces Control the Evolution of Numerous Natural Processes: Formation of Sediments, Maturation of Soils, Fossilization, Formation of Ecosystems in Extreme-Conditions
Lemelle L, Benzerara K, Lesourd M, Barakat M, Heulin T, Guyot F & Gillet P

(2000) A New Natural Dense Polymorph of Rutile with the *-PbO2 Structure in Shocked Gneisses from the Ries Meteorite Crater, Germany
El Goresy A, Gillet P, Chen M, Dubrovinsky L & Sharp TG

(2000) Hollandite in Shocked Meteorites: Clues for the Mineralogy of the Earth Mantle and Subducting Lithosphere
Gillet P, Chen M, El Goresy A & Dubrovinsky L

(2000) Experimental Study of Culture Media of a Bacteria from Dry Environment
Benzerara K, Lemelle L, Heulin T, Barakat M, Lesourd M, Guyot F & Gillet P

(2000) The Tatahouine Meteorite: A Case Study of Life Under Extreme Conditions
Gillet P, Achouak W, Barrat J, Benzerara K, Guyot F, Heulin T, Lemelle L & Lesourd M

(2000) Evidence for Extinct 92Nb Radioactivity in Chondrites and SNC Meteorites
Sanloup C, Blichert-Toft J, Télouk P, Gillet P & Albarède F

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