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All abstracts by Stuart Gilfillan in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Stable Isotope Composition of Dawsonite from Different Environments: Implication for Constrain the Origin and Formation Condition
Cseresznyés D, Czuppon G, Király C, Györe D, Gilfillan S, Kesjár D, Demény A, Szabó C & Falus G

(2020) Constraining the Subsurface Geochemical Baseline of CMC Research Institutes’ Field Research Station (FRS), Alberta
Utley R, Utting N, Johnson G, Zurakowski M, Gyore D, Stuart F, Osadetz K, Darrah T, Haszeldine RS & Gilfillan S

(2020) Constraining the Source and Magnitude of CO2 Contamination in Shale Gases: A Case Study from the Vaca Muerta Formation, Argentina
Gyore D, Pujol M, Gilfillan S & Stuart F

(2020) Unravelling the Hydrocarbon Charge History of a Field Using Noble Gases
Scott J, Pujol M & Gilfillan S

(2019) Constraining the Origin of CO2 Upwelling beneath Southern South Africa Using Noble Gases
Gilfillan S, Flude S, Johnson G, Bond C, Gyore D, Hicks N, Lister R, Jones D, Stuart F & Haszeldine S

(2017) Assessing Geochemical Tools to Resolve Origin and Trace Migration of Unconventional Gas in the U.K
McKavney R, Gilfillan S, Gyӧre D & Stuart F

(2017) He, Ne and Ar Snapshot of the Subcontinental Lithospheric Mantle from CO2 Well Gases
Gilfillan S & Ballentine C

(2017) Helium, Carbon and Oxygen Isotopes as Natural Tracers of CO2 Storage and Migration in South East Australia
Karolytė R, Serno S, Johnson G & Gilfillan S

(2017) Investigating Reservoir Connectivity Using Nobles Gases in a West of Shetland Hydrocarbon Reservoir
Scott J, Gilfillan S & Pujol M

(2017) Using Noble Gas Isotopes to Constrain the Source of CO2 in the Vaca Muerta Shale in the Neuquén Basin (Argentina)
Gyore D, Pujol M, Gilfillan S, Stuart F & Estrada S

(2017) Combining Noble Gas Tracing and Thermodynamic Approaches to Unravel Complex Fluid History in a Sub-Salt Petroleum Reservoir
Pujol M, Zhou H, Montel F & Gilfillan S

(2015) Tracing the Migration and Fate of CO2 in Natural and CO2-EOR Fields Using Noble Gases
Gilfillan S, Gyore D, Stuart F & Haszeldine S

(2015) Noble Gas Isotopes in Injected CO2 as a Tracer in the Cranfield Enhanced Oil Recovery Field (MS, USA)
Gyore D, Stuart F, Gilfillan S & Waldron S

(2013) Geochemical Tracing of Methane from Unconventional Gas Production
Gilfillan S, Haszeldine S, Stuart F & Waldron S

(2013) Investigating the Role of Noble Gases as Tracers for CO2 Storage
Kilgallon R, Gilfillan S, McDermott C & Edlmann K

(2012) Noble Gas and C Stable Isotopes Quash Fears over CO2 Storage Leaks at Weyburn
Gilfillan S, Haszeldine RS, Sherk G & Poreda R

(2011) Natural and Artifical Noble Gases as Tracers of Injected CO2 Migration within a Deep Reservoir
Gilfillan S, Haszeldine RS, Poreda R & Hovorka S

(2010) He and Ne as Tracers of Natural CO2 Migration from a Deep Reservoir
Gilfillan S, Wilkinson M, Haszeldine S, Nelson S & Poreda R

(2009) CO2 Dissolution in Formation Water as Dominant Sink in Natural Gas Fields
Gilfillan S, Sherwood Lollar B, Haszeldine S, Holland G, Blagburn D, Stevens S, Schoell M, Cassidy M, Ding Z, Zhou Z, Lacrampe-Couloume G & Ballentine C

(2008) Quantifying the Precipitation and Dissolution of CO2 within Geological Carbon Storage Analogues
Gilfillan S, Ballentine C, Sherwood Lollar B, Stevens S, Schoell M & Cassidy M

(2008) The Geological Storage of CO2: Quantification of Natural Gas/ Groundwater Interaction
Ballentine CJ, Gilfillan S, Holland G, Zhou Z, Sherwood Lollar B & Cassidy M

(2006) New insights into geologic CO2 sequestration from natural analogues of the Colorado Plateau and Rocky Mountain provinces, USA
Gilfillan S, Ballentine C, Holland G, Sherwood Lollar B, Stevens S, Schoell M & Cassidy M

(2006) Developing Phase Interaction Models to Apply Noble Gases to the Problem of Carbon Dioxide Sequestration
Ballentine CJ, Gilfillan S, Holland G, Zhou Z & Mackintosh S

(2005) The Noble Gas Character of Mantle Fluids Associated with Cenozoic Volcanism in the SW USA
Gilfillan S, Ballentine C & Holland G

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