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All abstracts by Sarah Gilbert in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) In situ Lu–Hf Geochronology of Garnet by LA–ICP–MS/MS and Applications to Metamorphic Rocks
Tamblyn R, Simpson A, Gilbert S, Hand M, Glorie S & Wade B

(2023) Laser Based S Isotope Analysis of Weathered ‘super-Heavy’ Neoproterozoic Sulphides and Rb–Sr Dating of Illite from Kapunda, South Australia
Woolston Z, Farkas J, Gilbert S, McGee L, Petts A, Fabris A & Krapf C

(2023) New Ways to Date Old Rocks: Novel Applications of in situ Geochronology to Constrain the Sedimentary Archive
Subarkah D, Nixon A, Collins AS, Gilbert S, Blades ML, Virgo GM, Simpson A, Shao Z & Farkas J

(2023) In situ Rb-Sr Dating and REE Patterns of Ediacaran Glauconites and Detrital Feldspars from the Centralian Superbasin and the Flinders Ranges, Australia
Loyola CV, Farkas J, Verdel C, Gilbert S, Holmes L, Löhr S, Brock G, Shields GA, Edgoose C, Redaa A, Blades ML, Collins AS, Bishop C, Giles S, Christie-Blick N & Haines P

(2023) New Constraints on the Origin and Post-Depositional History of Neoproterozoic Breamar Ironstones from South Australia: Insights from Micro-Scale Mineral Mapping and in situ Rb-Sr Dating of Illite and U-Pb Dating of Hematite
Zheng R, Farkas J, Collins AS, Subarkah D, Payne J, Gilbert S, Blades ML, Courtney-davies L, Ramanaidou E & Giles D

(2023) In situ Triple Dating (Rb-Sr, Lu-Hf, U-Pb) of Carbonate-Hosted Glauconite and Bioapatite from the Middle Cambrian Georgina Basin, Australia
Shao Z, Farkas J, Collins AS, Glorie S, Subarkah D, Gilbert S, Löhr S, Verdel C, Zivak D & Spandler C

(2023) Rare Earth Element and Yttrium (REY) Geochemistry of 3.46-2.40 Ga Greenalite-Bearing Banded Iron Formations: New Insights into Iron Deposition and Ancient Ocean Chemistry
Muhling JR, Gilbert S & Rasmussen B

(2023) A Novel Method for Dating of Ancient Marine Volcanic Rocks: Constraints from in situ Rb-Sr Dating of Authigenic Green Clays Formed in Vesicles of the Late Paleoproterozoic Lavas from NT, Australia
Farkas J, Redaa A, Löhr S, Carson C, Gilbert S, Blades ML, Collins AS & Zack T

(2023) In situ Rb–Sr Dating of Micas: The Devil is in the Details
Lloyd JC, Gilbert S, Glorie S, Hand M & Spandler C

(2023) New Developments in Laser Ablation Lu-Hf Geochronology
Glorie S, Simpson A, Gilbert S, Hand M, Mulder J & Müller A

(2022) Size is Everything: Reconstructing the East African Orogen—a Gondwanan Supermountain—as a Critical Step to Modelling the Neoproterozoic Earth System
Collins AS, Cameron F, Blades ML, Hasterok D, Simpson A, Gilbert S, Clark C & Makin S

(2022) Assessment of Mica-Mg and GL-O Nano-Powders as Reference Materials for in situ Rb-Sr Dating by LA-ICP-MS/MS
Redaa A, Farkas J, Gilbert S, Collins AS, Löhr S, Vasegh D, Forster M, Blades ML, Baldermann A, Dietzel M & Garbe-Schönberg D

(2022) In situ Rb–Sr Dating and Trace Element Analysis of Glauconite-Rich Strata from the Arumbera Sandstone, Amadeus Basin
Loyola CV, Farkas J, Verdel C, Gilbert S, Holmes L, Hissey E, Löhr S, Brock G, Shields GA, Edgoose C, Redaa A, Blades ML & Collins AS

(2022) In situ Lu-Hf Geochronology of Carbonates
Simpson A, Glorie S, Hand M, Spandler C, Gilbert S & Cave B

(2021) In situ Lu-Hf and Pu Fission Track Dating of Pallasite Meteorites
Burke T, Glorie S, Hand M, Simpson A, Gilbert S & Wade B

(2021) Mesoproterozoic High-Grade Metamorphism of Laurentian Crust Recorded in the Subducted Crustal Rocks of Western Tasmania: Decoding an Obscured Polymetamorphic Record Using Garnet Laser Ablation ICP–MS/MS Lu–Hf Geochronology
Brown DA, Simpson A, Hand M, Morrissey LJ, Gilbert S, Tamblyn R & Glorie S

(2021) Detrital Apatite Lu-Hf and U-Pb Geochronology
Glorie S, Simpson A, Gillespie J, Hand M, Gilbert S & Kirkland C

(2021) In situ Lu – Hf Geochronology of Garnet, Apatite, and Xenotime by LA ICP MS/MS
Simpson A, Gilbert S, Tamblyn R, Hand M, Spandler C, Gillespie J, Nixon A & Glorie S

(2020) A Comparative Study of Zircon Trace Elements in A-Type Granites: Indicators for Magma Fertility in Cu and Au Metallogenic Provinces
Wade C, Payne J, Barovich K, Gilbert S, Wade B & Reid A

(2019) Removal of Hg Interferences for Common Pb Correction When Dating Minerals by LA-ICP-MS/MS
Gilbert S, Wade B, Glorie S & Bockmann M

(2017) Oscillatory-Zoned Hematite: A Reliable U-Pb Mineral Geochronometer
Courtney-Davies L, Ciobanu C, Cook N, Verdugo-Ihl M, Tapster S, Condon D, Kennedy A, Ehrig K, Wade B & Gilbert S

(2016) Advances in LA-ICPMS Analysis of Sulphide Minerals
Danyushevsky L, Gilbert S, Olin P, Thompson J & Shelley M

(2015) Laser Ablation Mass Spectrometry in Ore Deposit Research
Meffre S, Large R, Danyushevsky L, Cooke D & Gilbert S

(2015) STDGL3 – A New Calibration Standard for Sulphide Analysis by LA-ICP-MS
Belousov I, Danyushevsky L, Olin P, Gilbert S & Thompson J

(2014) Geochemical Signature of PTB Sediments in the Perth Basin Reveals a Toxic Ocean at the End of Permian and Anoxic Ocean in Early Triassic
Lounejeva E, Large R, Danyushevsky L, Mantle D, Halpin J, Goemann K & Gilbert S

(2014) S Isotopes of Pyrite from PTB Sediments in the Perth Basin: Toxic H2S Ocean in Latest Permian and High Bacterial Activity in Early Triassic
Lounejeva E, Large R, Danyushevsky L, Gregory D, Steadman J, Cook C & Gilbert S

(2013) Matrix Dependance for the Quantification of Sulphur in Sulphide Minerals by LA-ICP-MS
Gilbert S, Danyushevsky L & Meffre S

(2013) LA-ICPMS Imaging of Micro-Inclusions and High Compositional Gradients in Minerals
Danyushevsky L, Meffre S & Gilbert S

(2012) Iron Oxides Chemistry from High-Grade Iron Ore, Iron Quadrangle
Hensler A-S, Hagemann S, Rosiere CA, Angerer T & Gilbert S

(2011) Maximising Precision and Accuracy in Laser Quadrupole ICPMS U-Pb Geochronology
Meffre S, Danyushevsky L, Guillong M & Gilbert S

(2010) The Development of a Nickel Sulphide Standard for the in situ Analysis of Platinum Group Elements and Gold by Laser Ablation ICP-MS
Gilbert S, Danyushevsky L, Robinson P, Wohlgemuth-Ueberwasser C, Norman M, Hanley J & Pearson N

(2010) Multi-Element Laser Mapping of Geological Materials: Improving Data Collection, Image Production and Analysis Using Time Series and Innovative Inference Techniques
Reading A, Danyushevsky L, Meffre S & Gilbert S

(2010) Dependence of the Level of Argide Interferences on Light PGEs during Laser Ablation of Sulphides on the Configuration of ICP-MS
Danyushevsky L, Guillong M, Gilbert S, Waelle M & Raveggi M

(2003) LA-ICPMS of Sulphides: Evaluation of an XRF Glass Disc Standard for Analysis of Different Sulphide Matrixes
Danyushevsky L, Robinson P, McGoldrick P, Large R & Gilbert S

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