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All abstracts by Pier Paolo Giacomoni in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Magma-Mush Dynamics Control Paroxysmal Eruptions at Basaltic Volcanoes: The Summer 2019 Eruptions at Stromboli Volcano (Italy)
Petrone CM, Mollo S, Gertisser R, Buret Y, Scarlato P, Del Bello E, Andronico D, Ellis BS, Pontesilli A, De Astis G, Giacomoni PP & Coltorti M

(2021) CO2 Storage in the Northern Victoria Land (Antarctica) SCLM: Clues from Fluid Inclusions, Mineral Chemistry and X-Ray Microtomography
Casetta F, Rizzo AL, Faccini B, Ntaflos T, Giacomoni PP, Lanzafame G, Mancini L & Coltorti M

(2020) Pre-Rifting Volatile-Rich Melts and Asthenosphere Influxes: The Alkaline-Carbonatitic Lamprophyres of the Southern Alps (NE Italy)
Casetta F, Ickert RB, Mark DF, Bonadiman C, Giacomoni PP, Ntaflos T & Coltorti M

(2019) Thermo-Barometric Constraints on Mt. Etna Feeding System during the 2015 Summit Eruptive Activity
Giacomoni PP, Casetta F, Valenti V, Lanzafame G, Coltorti M & Ferlito C

(2015) Reconstructing the Magmatic Conditions Driving Eruptions at Mt. Etna
Giacomoni PP, Coltorti M, Ferlito C & Mollo S

(2015) Refertilization vs Metasomatism in Mantle Xenoliths from Greene Point and Handler Ridge, Northern Victoria Land, Antarctica
Pelorosso B, Bonadiman C, Coltorti M, Melchiorre M, Giacomoni PP, Faccini B, Ntaflos T & Gregoire M

(2013) Petrological Study of Cenozoic Basic Lavas and Melt Inclusions from Northern Victoria Land (Antarctica)
Giacomoni PP, Coltorti M, Mukasa S, Bonadiman C, Ferlito C & Pelorosso B

(2013) Textural and Compositional Zoning of Plagioclase as Archive of Magmatic Evolution: The Mt. Etna Case Study
Giacomoni PP, Coltorti M, Ferlito C, Bonadiman C & Lanzafame G

(2013) Primary Magmas, Fractionation Modelling and Mantle Source of Etnean Lavas
Alesci G, Giacomoni PP, Coltorti M & Ferlito C

(2012) The Plagioclase as Archive of Magma Ascent Dynamics: The 2001-2006 Eruptive Period of Mount Etna
Giacomoni PP, Coltorti M & Ferlito C

(2008) A New Perspective on the Geochemical Signature of Mt. Etna Alkaline Magmas
Viccaro M, Giacomoni PP, Ferlito C & Cristofolini R

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