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All abstracts by Jan G. Wiederhold in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) High Mercury Sorption in Low Organic Matter Aquifer Material Using Column Experiments
McLagan DS, Esser C, Schwab L, Pietrucha J, Wiederhold JG, Kraemer SM & Biester HU

(2021) Mercury in Suspended Particulate Matter of Rivers in Germany
Wiederhold JG, Biester HU, Gerloff A-L, Hahn J & Duester L

(2021) Experimental Determination of Kinetic Mercury Isotope Fractionation during Reduction of Hg(II) by Dissolved Fe(II) and Fe(II)-bearing Minerals
Schwab L, Gallati N, McLagan DS, Kraemer SM, Biester HU & Wiederhold JG

(2019) Isotopic Signatures of Cu and Hg during Weathering of Tetrahedrite and Chalcopyrite
Majzlan J, Stevko M, Herrmann J, Lazarov M & Wiederhold J

(2019) Mercury Isotope and Species Analyses as a Tool to Trace Processes in Contaminated Soils and Sediments
Schwab L, McLagan DS, Kraemer SM, Biester H & Wiederhold JG

(2017) Hg Isotope Analysis and Sequential Extractions of Industrially Contaminated Soils in Valais, CH
Grigg A, Kretzschmar R, Gilli R & Wiederhold J

(2017) Tracing Hg Transformations in Contaminated Soil Using Hg Isotopes
Brocza FM, Biester H, Richard J-H, Kraemer SM & Wiederhold JG

(2017) Mercury Isotope Signatures as Tracer for Industrial Hg Contamination
Wiederhold JG, Grigg ARC, Gilli RS & Kretzschmar R

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