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All abstracts by Ralf Gertisser in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Magma-Mush Dynamics Control Paroxysmal Eruptions at Basaltic Volcanoes: The Summer 2019 Eruptions at Stromboli Volcano (Italy)
Petrone CM, Mollo S, Gertisser R, Buret Y, Scarlato P, Del Bello E, Andronico D, Ellis BS, Pontesilli A, De Astis G, Giacomoni PP & Coltorti M

(2021) Remobilisation of Crustal CO2 Recorded in Calc-Silicate Xenoliths from Merapi Volcano (Indonesia)
Whitley S, Halama R, Gertisser R, Preece K, Troll VR, Deegan F & Ion Micro-Probe Facility (EIMF) E

(2021) Where has the Mush Gone? A Tale of a Rejuvenated System
Petrone CM, Mollo S, Del Bello E, Scarlato P, Andronico D & Gertisser R

(2020) The 2019 Paroxyms at Stromboli Volcano (Italy): Timescales of Eruption Triggering
Petrone CM, Di Stefano F, Mollo S, Gertisser R, Del Bello E, Andronico D & Scarlato P

(2019) The Influence of Crustal Assimilation on Magma Genesis and Eruptive Behaviour: An Oxygen Isotope Study of the Central Aeolian Arc, Italy
Wiltshire R, Gertisser R, Boyce A, Halama R, Petrone C, Lucchi F, Tranne C & Sulpizio R

(2015) Incremental Construction of the Unit 10 Peridotite, Rum Eastern Layered Intrusion, NW Scotland
Hepworth L, O'Driscoll B, Gertisser R & Emeleus H

(2015) Timescales of Magma Transfer, Degassing and Crustal Assimilation at Merapi Volcano, Indonesia
Gertisser R, Handley H, Reagan M, Preece K, Berlo K, Barclay J & Herd R

(2013) The Structure and Emplacement of the Rocche Rosse Obsidian Lava Flow, Lipari, Aeolian Islands, Italy
Bullock L, Gertisser R & O'Driscoll B

(2013) Along-Arc Geochemical and Isotopic Variations in Javanese Volcanic Rocks: ‘Crustal’ Versus ‘Source’ Contamination at the Sunda Arc, Indonesia
Handley H, Blichert-Toft J, Turner S, Macpherson C & Gertisser R

(2013) Magmatic Processes beneath Furnas Volcano, São Miguel, Azores
Jeffery A, Gertisser R, O'Driscoll B, Pimentel A, Pacheco J & Self S

(2012) Elevated Crustal CO2 Liberation at Merapi Volcano: Linking Rock-, Mineral- and Gas-Geochemistry
Troll V, Deegan F, Jolis E, Hilton D, Chadwick J, Blythe L, Freda C, Schwarzkopf L, Gertisser R & Zimmer M

(2007) Magma Genesis and Differentiation at Merapi Volcano, Sunda Arc, Indonesia
Troll VR, Gertisser R, Chadwick JP, Keller J & Handley HK

(2007) Dynamics and Longevity of the Magmatic System of Furnas Volcano, São Miguel, Azores
Gertisser R, Gaspar J, Pacheco J, Queiroz G, Self S & Thomas L

(2006) Magma generation processes and timescales leading to the great 1815 eruption of Tambora volcano, Sumbawa, Indonesia
Thomas L, Gertisser R, Self S & Handley H

(2006) Along-arc heterogeneity in crustal architecture and subduction input at the Sunda arc in Java, Indonesia
Handley H, Macpherson C, Davidson J & Gertisser R

(2006) Shallow-level processes at Anak Krakatau: crystallisation and late stage crustal contamination
Gardner M, Troll V, Hart G, Gertisser R, Wolff J & Gamble J

(2006) Magma-crust interaction at Merapi volcano, Indonesia: geochemical insights into volcano behaviour
Troll V, Chadwick J, Schwarzkopf L, Zimmer M, Gertisser R & Sulistiyo Y

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