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All abstracts by Richard J Walker in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Hf-W Isotope Systematics of Chondrites
Hellmann JL & Walker RJ

(2022) A Review of 182W in Terrestrial Systems
Walker RJ

(2022) Analytical Approach to Constraining Siderophile Element Genetics of Late-Stage Terrestrial Accretion
Bermingham KR, Tornabene HA, Meyer B & Walker RJ

(2022) A High Field Strength Perspective on Tungsten-182 Variability in Modern Mantle Melts
Finlayson V, Walker RJ, Bermingham K, Day JMD & Schilling ME

(2017) Dating Faults with U-Pb Calcite Petrochronology
Roberts NMW, Walker RJ, Imber J, Haslam RB & Drake H

(2017) Tracking Hadean Processes in Modern Basalts
Horan M, Carlson R, Walker R, Jackson M & Mundl A

(2017) Ancient 182W Signatures in Modern Ocean Island Basalts
Mundl A, Walker R, Touboul M, Jackson M, Day J, Kurz M, Lekic V & Helz R

(2017) Excess 180W in Iron Meteorites: Cosmogenic or Radiogenic?
Cook DL, Smith T, Leya I, Hilton C, Walker RJ & Schönbächler M

(2017) Constraints on the W Abundance of Upper Mantle from Xenolithic Peridotites
Rizo H, Rudnick RL, Walker RJ & Carlson RW

(2017) Exploring the Causes of 182W Heterogeneity in Earth
Walker R, Marchi S & Canup R

(2017) Fingerprinting the Mantle during Subduction Initiation Using Re-Os Isotopic Systematics of Izu-Bonin-Mariana Forearc Boninites
Nelson W, Reagan M, Pearce J, Niles D, Leierzapf J & Walker R

(2017) Mixing Times of the Archean Mantle: Evidence from 2.7 Ga Komatiites
Puchtel I, Touboul M, Blichert-Toft J & Walker R

(2017) W Isotopic Compositions of Barberton and Pilbara Komatiites and Basalts
Archer GJ, Kleine T, Stracke A, Puchtel IS & Walker RJ

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