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All abstracts by Frédéric Gerard in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Investigation of the Role of Spatial Evolution in a 2-D Reactive Transport Simulation of the Oxalate Carbonate Pathway
Gatz-Miller H, Su D, Gérard F, Verrecchia E & Mayer KU

(2020) 2-D Reactive Transport Modeling of Biogeochemical Carbon Sequestration by the Iroko Tree – Examination of Spatial Dependencies of the Oxalate Carbonate Pathway
Gatz-Miller H, Gérard F, Verrecchia E & Mayer KU

(2017) Processes Controlling Phosphate Acquisition by Plants as Revealed by Coupled Root System-Reactive Transport Modelling
Gérard F, Bea S, Pagès L, Hinsinger P & Mayer U

(2016) A Robust and Parsimonious Model for Caesium Sorption on Pure Clay Minerals and Natural Clay Materials
Cherif MA, Martin-Garin A, Gerard F & Bilstein O

(2015) Implementation of Root System Architecture and Functions into the Reactive Transport Model MIN3P: Method and Capacilities
Gérard F, Blitz C, Moitrier N, Hinsinger P, Screpanti C, Pages L, Tambour L & Loiseleur O

(2011) Modeling the Effects of Fertilization and pH on Dissolved Inorganic Phosphorus in Soils
Gerard F, Devau N, Le Cadre E & Hinsinger P

(2010) Surface Complexation Modelling of Phosphorus Availability and Bioavailability for Plants
Devau N, Le Cadre E, Hinsinger P & Gerard F

(2008) Using a Mechanistic Adsorption Model to Understand the Influence of Soil pH on the Environmental Availability of Phosphorus: Application to a Chromic Cambisol
Devau N, Gerard F, Le Cadre E, Roger L, Jaillard B & Hinsinger P

(2008) Modelling the Biogeochemical Cycle of Silicon in Soils: Application to a Temperate Forest Ecosystem
Gérard F, Mayer KU & Hodson M

(2005) Influence of SOM on Aluminium Mobility in a Forested Brown Acidic Soil: A View from Soil Solutions Held at Different Matrix Potentials
Gérard F, Jaffrain J, Boudot J & Ranger J

(2001) An Indirect Method for Studying the Reaction Mechanism Controlling in situ and Present-Day Silicate Weathering Rate
Gérard F & Ranger J

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