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All abstracts by Alexis S Templeton in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Experimental Insights into the Formation of Iron-Rich Clays on Early Earth and Mars
Johnson J, Hinz I, Templeton A, Theuer S & Ellison E

(2019) Characterization of Intact Polar Lipid Biomarkers from a Site of Active, Low-Temperature Serpentinization
Rempfert K, Kraus E, Nothaft D, Spear J, Sepulveda J & Templeton A

(2019) Fe(II)-bearing Brucite Reactivity during Low-Temperature Serpentinization in Oman
Ellison ET, Mayhew LE, Zeigler SKD & Templeton AS

(2019) Fe-Oxidation, Hydrogen Generation and Microbial Activity in Peridotites Undergoing Serpentinization
Templeton A, Ellison E & Mayhew L

(2017) Mineralogy and Fe Chemistry in Atlantis Massif Serpentinites
Mayhew LE, Ellison ET & Templeton AS

(2017) Investigating Early Iron Silicate Inclusions in Banded Iron Formations Through Nanoscale Geochemical Characterization and Experimental Constraints
Johnson J, Muhling J, Cosmidis J, Rasmussen B & Templeton A

(2017) Microscale Spectroscopic Imaging of Interfacial Fe Redox Reactions in “Hard-Rock” Systems
Templeton A, Ellison E, Mayhew L & Trainor T

(2017) Chemistry Versus Biology – “True” and “False” Biosignatures Formed Through Biomineralization and Organomineralization Processes
Cosmidis J, Templeton A, Benzerara K, Skouri-Panet F, Duprat E & Macalady J

(2017) Coupled Fe, S, N, and CH4 Cycling in Subsurface Serpentinizing Systems
Templeton A, Rempfert K, Miller H, Nothaft D, Ellison E & Mayhew L

(2017) Sulfur Organomineralization: Significance and Mechanism
Cosmidis J, Nims C, Lau G, Kane T & Templeton A

(2017) Speciation of Fe in Modern Mexican Lacustrine Microbialites
Zeyen N, Benzerara K, Morin G, Brest J, Menguy N, Templeton A, Webb S & Gérard E

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