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All abstracts by Quan Shi in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Improving Understanding of Dissolved Organic Matter by Using Machine Learning to Predict Stable Carbon Isotope Based on Molecular Abundances
Yi Y, Liu T, Merder J, He C, Bao H, Li P, Li S-L, Shi Q & He D

(2023) Improved Understanding of Photochemical Processing of Dissolved Organic Matter by Using Machine Learning Approaches
Zhao C, Xu X, Chen H, Wang F, Li P, He C, Shi Q, Yi Y, Li X, Li S-L & He D

(2022) Molecular Signatures of Soil-Derived Dissolved Organic Matter Constrained by Mineral Weathering
Wang Y, Zhang P, He C, Yu J, Shi Q, Dahlgren R, Spencer R & Wang J-J

(2020) Stratification of Dissolved Organic Matter in the Upper 2000 M Water Column of the Mariana Trench
Li X, Li P, Tao J, Lin J, He C, Shi Q & Zhang C

(2020) Eutrophication and Tidal Marshes Shape Dissolved Organic Matter Chemistry along Two Freshwater-Estuarine Transects
He D, Zhang Y, Lu Q, Li P, He C, Wang Y, Shi Q & Sun Y

(2020) Epiphytic Bacteria are Indispensable in Production of Algae-Derived RDOM (Refractory Dissolved Organic Matter)
Liu Y, Sun Y, He C, Shi Q, Kan J & Sun J

(2020) Biological and Photochemical Processes Underlying Latitudinal Changes in Molecular Composition of Dissolved Organic Matter in the Surface Pacific Ocean
Li P, He C, Shi Q & Zhang C

(2020) Factors Controlling the Molecular Changes of Dissolved Organic Matter in the Pearl River Estuary
Xie W, Li P, He D, He C, Shi Q & Zhang C

(2020) Development of Standard for Quantitative Molecular Characterization of Dissolved Organic Matter by FT-ICR MS
He C, Zhang Y, Li Y, Zhuo X, Li Y, Zhang C & Shi Q

(2020) Archaeal Populations Preferentially Associated with Recalcitrant Dissolved Organic Matter in Estuarine Sediment
Wang W, Tao J, He C, Shi Q, Li P, Chen H & Zhang C

(2020) Linking Microbial Population Succession and DOM Molecular Transformation in Synechococcus-Derived Organic Matter Addition Incubations
Wang Y, Xie R, Chen Q, Cai R, He C, Guo W, Shi Q, Jiao N & Zheng Q

(2018) Molecular Transformation in Simulated Aerobic Biodegradation of a Sulfur-Rich Crude Oil Studied by ESI FT–ICR MS
Liao Y, Liu W, Pan Y, Zeng Q, Jiang B, Hsu C & Shi Q

(2018) Molecular Characterization of Dissolved Organic Matter at the Mariana Trench
Li P, Tao J, Lin J, He C, Shi Q & Zhang C

(2018) Methane Generation Accompanied by an Unusual Degradation of Long-Chain Alkyl Substituted Moieties in Heavy Oil as Evidenced by Anoxic Biodegradation Experiments
Cheng L, Shi S, Yang L, Zhang Y, Dolfing J, Sun Y-G, Liu L-Y, Li Q, Tu B, Dai L-R, Shi Q & Zhang H

(2018) Evolution of Dissolved Organic Matter Composition along the Upper Mekong River
Liu T, Wang X, Zhu E, Liu Z, He C, Shi Q & Feng X

(2017) Sulfur-Assisted Preservation of Organic Matter in Sediments: Evidences from a Sulfur-Rich Crude Oil by FT-ICR MS
Liao Y, Liu W, Jiang B & Shi Q

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