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All abstracts by Quan Shi in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) Molecular Transformation in Simulated Aerobic Biodegradation of a Sulfur-Rich Crude Oil Studied by ESI FT–ICR MS
Liao Y, Liu W, Pan Y, Zeng Q, Jiang B, Hsu C & Shi Q

(2018) Molecular Characterization of Dissolved Organic Matter at the Mariana Trench
Li P, Tao J, Lin J, He C, Shi Q & Zhang C

(2018) Methane Generation Accompanied by an Unusual Degradation of Long-Chain Alkyl Substituted Moieties in Heavy Oil as Evidenced by Anoxic Biodegradation Experiments
Cheng L, Shi S, Yang L, Zhang Y, Dolfing J, Sun Y-G, Liu L-Y, Li Q, Tu B, Dai L-R, Shi Q & Zhang H

(2018) Evolution of Dissolved Organic Matter Composition along the Upper Mekong River
Liu T, Wang X, Zhu E, Liu Z, He C, Shi Q & Feng X

(2017) Sulfur-Assisted Preservation of Organic Matter in Sediments: Evidences from a Sulfur-Rich Crude Oil by FT-ICR MS
Liao Y, Liu W, Jiang B & Shi Q

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