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All abstracts by Andrea Geissler in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2012) Bacterial Interactions with Radionuclides in Bentonite Samples from Spanish Clays
Lopez Fernandez M, Moreno Garcia A, Lazuen Alcon J, Geissler A & Merroun ML

(2011) Bio-Au Nanoparticles on Archaeal and Bacterial S-Layers
Selenska Pobell S, Reitz T, Geissler A, Merroun M & Herrmanndoerfer T

(2011) Impact of Microbial Metabolism on Radionuclide Solubility in Natural and Engineered Environments
Lloyd J, Geissler A, Law G, Thorpe C, Evans V, Brown A, Kimber R, Brookshaw D, Boothman C, Livens F & Morris K

(2010) Neptunium Redox Cycling in Sediments – An XAS Study
Law G, Geissler A, Livens F, Denecke M, Lloyd J & Morris K

(2010) The Interactions of Neptunium with Fe(II) Bearing Biogenic Mineral Phases
Morris K, Law G, Geissler A, Livens F, Denecke M, Burke I & Lloyd J

(2009) Uranium and Neptunium Interactions with Biogenic Iron Minerals
Law G, Geissler A, Lloyd J, Burke I, Livens F, Denecke M, Dardenne K & Morris K

(2009) Microbial Reduction of Toxic Metals: From Pristine to Extreme
Lloyd J, Coker V, Cutting R, Geissler A, Handley K, Law G, Livens F, Morris K, Pattrick R, Pearce C, Polya D & Vaughan D

(2008) Redox Controls on Tc, U, Np, and Pu Behaviour in Sediments
Law G, Geissler A, Lloyd J, Burke I, Livens F, Boothman C & Morris K

(2007) Interactions of U(VI) and Eu(III) with Natural Bacterial Isolates
Merroun ML, Geissler A, Nedelkova M & Selenska-Pobell S

(2005) Influence of U(VI) on Natural Bacterial Community of a Soil Sample from a Uranium Mining Waste
Geissler A, Scheinost A & Selenska-Pobell S

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